What's it Like Using a Ferrari FF as a Daily Driver for Two Weeks Covering 2,000 miles?

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Since time immemorial, word was that the only true sports car you could drive day-in, day-out, was the Porsche 911. Then the Audi R8 came along and joined its posher VW Group stable-mate, while Nissan introduced the GT-R, but that’s about it.

What about the Italians? Well, they’re a hoot to drive flat out on an autobahn, marvelous to look at, spine-tingling when you floor the throttle at the exit of a bend and apply opposite lock, for sure.

Using them as everyday transport, though, is out of the question – especially those adorned by the prancing horse emblem. They are simply too impractical to do so that you’ll end up keeping them in your nice (preferably heated) garage and only take them out on special occasions.

Evo magazine MD Harry Metcalfe thought that, since Ferrari advertises its AWD FF four-seater as an all-weather car, he should ask if he could borrow one for two weeks.

What he had in mind is to find out what it’s like as an everyday car, perhaps go for a little skiing at a nice resort in the Alps four-up and with all the necessary luggage and maybe visit the farm (though he didn’t tell them that…) and check out how it does off road.

Borrowing a supercar that costs £227,000 in stock form, or £273K with all the extras thrown in, and is more powerful than an Enzo, for two weeks? It’s a request to make any PR manager throw a fit. Ferrari’s team apparently replied something along the lines of “no problem, old chap” and Harry promptly got what he asked for.

Nice way to spend your Christmas holiday, isn’t it? We already know that the FF can handle the snow and ice nicely but going in the mud must be out of the question - or is it? You can learn all about it firsthand by watching the video that follows.

By Andrew Tsaousis