Alfa Romeo 4C Gets 236HP, First Image of the Interior Revealed


As the clock is ticking towards the March 5 opening of the 83rd Geneva Auto Show, Alfa Romeo released a new batch of images of its 4C coupe, among them the first official shot of the interior, and, finally, the engine's output.

In its latest press release the Italian carmaker, which has already shown us the production version of the mid-engined sports car, announced that the 1,750 cc (1.75-liter) turbocharged aluminum four-cylinder mill that drives the rear wheels via a TCT dual-clutch gearbox puts out 236HP (240PS), confirming our earlier report.

The production 4C looks as dramatic as the concept, is very compact at less than 4 meters long and, a rarity for this class, be built around a carbon fiber monocoque.

Moreover, the DNA selector that changes steering, gearbox, throttle and DSC settings will get a fourth, more aggressive mode labeled “Race”.

By Andrew Tsaousis


Alfa-Romeo-4C-01Alfa-Romeo-4C-02Alfa-Romeo-4C-03Alfa-Romeo-4C-04Alfa-Romeo-4C-05Alfa-Romeo-4C-06Alfa-Romeo-4C-07Alfa-Romeo-4C-08Alfa-Romeo-4C-09Alfa-Romeo-4C-10Alfa-Romeo-4C-11 Alfa-Romeo-4C-03_1Alfa-Romeo-4C-04_1


Luc Helterbrand said... »February 25, 2013

damned ugly spider eye headlights. totally distracting from the overall design of a beautiful machine.

sabman said... »February 25, 2013

Headlights are a deal killer for me.......

Anonymous said... »February 25, 2013

I like those headlights, actually.

jh said... »February 25, 2013

headlights MUST BE a joke! everything else is just unthinkable.

the rest doesn't look too bad - still, i think i could have been a lot better...

Chris said... »February 25, 2013

On looks alone, Try harder! Don't need a HotWheel version of an MR2! Good Lord the designs that come out these days! Sucks!

Richard Jones said... »February 26, 2013

I don't understand car companies. I understand the need to make changes to a concept to make it production ready. However, the 4C concept headlights weren't that radical that they couldn't have made production headlights that closely resembled the concept. These headlights completely change the look and feel of the original 4C. They cheapen the appearance IMO. Everything else is great. Hopefully, someone whose sanity is still intact will make the appropriate changes before it gets finalized. Otherwise, the aftermarket is this cars only hope.

abl3 said... »March 05, 2013

the headlights look cheap and tacky like they are from a smart hatchback. blugh. the interior should have been much closer to the concepts as it was much prettier and cooler. the rest is ok cept the side mirrors but it seems like everything they changed from the concept they made a bit worse. the only improvement over the concept i see is the rear vents on top of the the rear and that was stolen from lotus unless im mistaken

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