Arabs Drive a Hyundai on Two Wheels and Change a Tire at the Same Time!


Driving an automobile on two wheels is a pretty cool trick, but it's one that has been done over and over again in the past.

Driving a vehicle on two wheels and simultaneously having a passenger open the door to change one of the two tires in the air, now that's something you definitely don't get the chance to see very often.

Details surrounding this nifty stunt performed in a compact Hyundai sedan are limited, which is why we're asking for the help of our Arab-speaking readers to provide a rough translation of the wordings seen in the beginning and the end of the video in the comments section that follows the jump.



A, said... »February 13, 2013

This is the message of the video:

"We do this as a hobby and would like it to have special paces to do our hobby"

I guess instead of doing it in public streets.

flyfish said... »February 13, 2013

Awesomely stupid, well done!

Khalid AlQassimi said... »February 13, 2013

At the beginning, after the hello, it was written "My name is Ahmed and my hobby is lifting (cars on two wheels)" in the end, after it was written thanks, he wrote "I hope that there is place for us in" then the last word I can't make out what it is. Then he wrote "Your brother/Mr." Trust me, it makes a lot more sense in Arabic. The slide in the end just wrote thanks for watching, then the credits.

cammaross said... »February 13, 2013

new corolla?

Ratedr606 said... »February 13, 2013

these guy are enjoying the idiocy that we in the western world have enjoyed for decades. Welcome to the party.

AnOld BlackMarble said... »February 13, 2013

No the message is we are frustrated as hell cuz we can't get anywhere near girls.

bob said... »February 13, 2013 says....we are going to come over to London, England to do this in our Supercars..this is just a practice run for us

Braddo said... »February 13, 2013

is this on a public road?? They are f$#kin crazy ! WHAT is in the water over there?? Seems they have a pasion for life risk

lacutis2012 lacutis said... »February 13, 2013

Actually u r wrong...sometimes the concept of free will is more explorable and experienced in developing countries than in the USA....your so called freedom is being taken inch by inch everyday with new laws and u will let it because all u need is a reassuring speech that you are living in the greatest nation in the world....

abrlcklnthewall said... »February 14, 2013 So they are at it again are they.

N ! M $ said... »February 14, 2013

Guess car companies can now offer jack's (to lift the car up to change tyre's) as an option in the middle east !!!

Khalid AlQassimi said... »February 14, 2013

I would pay to watch that.

AW said... »February 17, 2013

watch the music video for "Bad Girls" by MIA, there's heaps of two wheeled stunts

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