BMW 850Ci Art Car Homage for Sale on eBay

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Some BMW 8-Series owners prefer to keep their coupes as garage queens, and some like to turn them into convertibles, while others have really no idea what they're doing

This particular owner of the pictured 1993 850Ci that we discovered on eBay decided to convert the German sports tourer into a weekend track racer on the inside, and a rolling piece of art on the outside.

The exterior of the German sports coupe pays tribute to one of BMW's famous Art Cars, the 1992 M3 GTR by Sandro Chia, but instead of being a clone, it's loosely inspired by the work of the Italian artist.

The car itself has had six owners since it rolled out of the Bavarian carmaker's factory in 1993, while its V12 engine has accumulated 135,000 miles (about 217,200 kilometers).

eBay Seller's Description:

"You are bidding on this awesome BMW 850ci 'art car' an homage to the BMW art car #13 by Sandro Chia. The original art car is and will never be for sale. But you can still own your very own BMW art car. It's been signed by the artist Joan Milazzo-Mendez as well as it has been signed by Racing legends Mr. Brian Redman and Mr. David Hobbs, please feel free to ask any questions you may have."