BMW Execs Rationalize New 3-Series Gran Turismo in Promo Video


Leave it to company officials (with scripted dialogues, of course) to convince you that what you're seeing is the perhaps most beautiful and practical piece of machinery ever invented in the history of mankind.

BMW's promo videos are no exception to this rule, as you will soon find out for yourself in the clip that was created for the newly introduced BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo.

Among the speakers featured in the short film is Andreas-Christoph Hofman, Vice President Brand Communication BMW, who states that the 3 GT is "a total game changer in the middle class segment" and "has an amazing exterior design".

Set to go on sale worldwide later this year, the 3 GT is taller and longer than the regular 3-Series sedan and Touring models, with which it shares its engine lineup of turbocharged diesel and gasoline units.



Michael Leifels said... »February 12, 2013

As much as I dislike this vehicle I have to admit that surly is a good car, just boring and unnecessary. But the video reminded me a lot of passenger flight safety instructions. I don't listen to any word those people are saying. I'm not interested either... It it weren't for the 1M Coupé, the brand would be so uninteresting to me.... They'll sure sell their cars to more old people in the future. What a shame...

sabman said... »February 12, 2013

My personal view on BMW = Sh!t after Chris Bangle left

Scott Matthew Harris said... »February 12, 2013

You can't rationalize the irrational

pcurve said... »February 12, 2013

I like the front and the frameless doors. Eh.. if they sell enough of these, maybe they'll bring back the wagon.

No one said... »February 12, 2013

its just a 80's hatchback...whats the big deal

Dave said... »February 12, 2013

There isn't any amount of lipstick that will help this pig!

Dave said... »February 12, 2013

I'm of the camp that feels the change to shit occurred with Bangle's arrival.

europeon said... »February 12, 2013

Perfect example that a car can be less than the sum of all its parts.

AnOld BlackMarble said... »February 12, 2013

It's not the 80's

X.X said... »February 13, 2013

audi a5 sportback definitely has a better design than this

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