Cadillac wants Town Car Fleet Buyers to Move on to New XTS W20 Livery Package

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With the demise of the all-conquering Lincoln Town Car, there's a space that needs to be filled in the livery and fleet car market, one that FoMoCo is trying to cover with the MKT Town Car, while it's Detroit foe, General Motors, has placed all of its bets on the new 2013 Cadillac XTS.

Cadillac's offerings include long wheelbase limousines, funeral coaches and the new W20 Livery Package that is based on the standard wheelbase XTS.

The W20 Livery Package mixes elements of the XTS Platinum Edition with special available features and is offered exclusively to livery companies through Cadillac’s Professional Vehicles program.

Among other upgrades, the XTS W20 gains 19-inch wheels, LED-illuminated exterior door handles, rear vision camera, and micro-fiber suede headliner, while an available rear seat comfort package adds heated seats, window sunshades and a power inverter to charge mobile devices.

“XTS represents a new approach to luxury, centered on advanced technology and design,” said Don Butler, vice president of Cadillac marketing. “This same approach extends to Professional Vehicles, where we are bringing a new formula to the livery customer. Every experience in a Cadillac, front seat or rear seat, meets a higher standard for luxury, performance and technology.”

According to Cadillac, one out of 10 XTS models is built for livery and luxury fleet buyers, with Carey International, claimed to be the world’s largest livery company, being one of the first to sign up, purchasing 150 new Cadillac XTS W20 Professional Services Sedans.

“Our customers wanted approachable luxury and enabling technology,” said Gary Kessler, president and CEO of Carey International. “We chose the XTS as the cornerstone of the Carey brand because it represented the perfect combination of power, luxury, technology and sophistication that our customers desire and demand today.”