First Appearance of All-New 2014 Toyota Corolla Sedan?


Unlike our previous story with the BMW 3-Series GT, there's no question whether these two pictures of the 2014 Toyota Corolla sedan that surfaced on the web are real.

The similarities with Toyota's Corolla Furia Concept car seen at last month's Detroit Auto Show are evident, with the production model dropping the "Fast and Furious" styling bits and gaining a more conservative look all around, including an Auris-like fascia.

There's very little to no information about where and under what circumstances the car was photographed, so we do not know if it's a European or a North American market version (we doubt it's a Japanese model due to the name and the fact that it is a left-hand drive example).

Either way, the styling differences will be limited, with most changes taking place under the hood, as each region will get its own engine range.

According to Toyota, the new Corolla Sedan will put greater focus on younger customers, both in terms of design and equipment features.

Toyota has said it will launch the new Corolla Sedan in the States before the end of the year, while the European market version, which will be manufactured at the brand's factory in Turkey, will either arrive at the same time or early next year.

Story References: GT85Club via Vwvortex




Kaveh Ghavim said... »February 05, 2013

Looks like they stuck the same nose on it as the new RAV4

hubemx said... »February 05, 2013

I think it´s the european version because the north american has different grill, lights and backlights. said... »February 05, 2013

This is version for EU market ;) should debut in second half of 2013.

PONCZAK said... »February 05, 2013


Jason Hall said... »February 05, 2013

I think it's called the "family face". Quite a lot of manafacturers do it actually. Like MOST of them... said... »February 05, 2013

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rr said... »February 05, 2013

wow... not ugly Toyota! I thought it isn't possible!

Dan Facciolo said... »February 05, 2013

I can barely contain my excitement...and by excitement I mean puke.

Humberto AƱez said... »February 05, 2013

Wow, i must say, that this looks really good!

Blayke A. Fish said... »February 05, 2013

Holy crap toyota finally TRIED while designing this one!

sasquashi said... »February 05, 2013

Honda Accord? kkk

Robta said... »February 06, 2013

looks really good, don't know what you guys are smoking but this looks hideous. Furia looked way better

YESMAN said... »February 06, 2013

I think this spy-photo for the sport package which comes with spoiler, different grill and backlight

Marvin Brazil said... »February 06, 2013

No Way this is the New Corolla Furia. It's totally different from the version shown at Detroit. This one is a mix of the Civic and current Corolla in the front and in the rear uses the style of Hyundai cars. NO WAY!!! Toyota is better than this...

ReverTrevis said... »February 06, 2013

Haw LoL, it's sheat deamon touch. Is Toyota Camry and don't Corolla

Ferdinand Beck said... »February 06, 2013

Toyota Fukin' King Car maker. The 2014 "King-of-Cars" Corolla.

Bruk said... »February 06, 2013

Well, it is a definite improvement over the current ugly duckling... but I think there are too many swoops & flares in the design, like many recent Toyota & Lexus products. The design is too busy, with too many lines going every which way. They gotta calm down & try for an integrated style... like in their old days! said... »February 07, 2013

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Lou Fusz Toyota said... »February 07, 2013

Loving the trend with newer Toyota vehicles having a sportier appearance. Should be very popular when it's finally released.

Mike S said... »February 12, 2013

It's a Euro-spec 11th-Gen Corolla: Long license plates; hidden headlamp washers (little square bumps just below headlamps).

Mike S said... »February 12, 2013

Toyota NEVER put their concepts into production. Must be a company edict which demands their dilution. Honestly, if Toyota would put their concepts into production, they'd sell even more vehicles than they do today.

donaldhump said... »February 13, 2013

Wow... those taillights look NOTHING like the ones on the Elantra GT/Optima/Avalon. Glad they didn't forget the chrome connecting strip.

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flower123 said... »February 20, 2013

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Jonatho_Hancock said... »March 15, 2013

design certainly looks to go with the European Market. The looks are truly
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Nikita Sen said... »March 21, 2013

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