McLaren Crunches the Numbers on P1: 350km/h or 218mph Limited Top Speed


It’s one of the big moments car fans have been waiting for these past few months: how fast is the new McLaren P1 that will challenge the likes of the upcoming Ferrari hypercar codenamed F150?

Without any further delay, here are the performance numbers: 0 to 100km/h (62mph) will take less than 3 seconds, 0 to 200 km/h (124mph) under 7 seconds, and 0 to 300 km/h (186mph) in no more than 17 seconds, or 5 seconds faster than the famous McLaren F1. The P1's top speed is electronically restricted to 350 km/h (217.5 mph), which falls short of the F1's 386km/h (240mph).

The Woking-based sports car maker also revealed that production of the P1 will be strictly limited to just 375 units to ensure that it "will remain a rarity and, if spotted on the road, an unforgettable sight", said the company.

Pricing in the UK is set at £866,000 on the road, which is equal to US$1.31 million and €1 million at today's currency exchange rates. In the U.S., the P1 will start at a cool $1,150,000. Sales begin this autumn.

McLaren said the base price is for "a specification that fully equips the car for both road and track use", adding that the options list is limited "to only bespoke content that a customer might wish to add through McLaren Special Operations, and fitted luggage".

The P1's hybrid powertrain comprises a mid-mounted 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V8 and an electric motor for a combined system output of 903HP (916PS) and 900 Nm (664 lb-ft) of torque, with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox driving the rear wheels.

Owners will be able to drive the car in pure-electric mode for up to 20km (12 miles) with an average speed of 48km/h (30 mph) – the higher the speed, the less the driving range.

The P1 will be displayed to the public in final production trim for the first time at the Geneva International Auto Salon next week.


McLaren-P1-Production-Model-1McLaren-P1-Production-Model-2McLaren-P1-Production-Model-3McLaren-P1-Production-Model-4McLaren-P1-Production-Model-5McLaren-P1-Production-Model-6McLaren-P1-Production-Model-7McLaren-P1-Production-Model-8McLaren-P1-Production-Model-9 2014-McLaren-P1-12014-McLaren-P1-2


donald seymour said... »February 26, 2013

This leaves me to believe that the Mclaren P1 is slower than the F1 in top speed. I never seen it restricted so low on a hyper car. The next iterations of the Pagani will eat this up. It is a shame that they punk out like this.

Krsv83 said... »February 26, 2013

God dam it that is an ugly car,
both inside and outside. Don't get me wrong it's a damn cool car and the
numbers are awesome from a v8 of that size but somebody went totally overboard when
they decided to only use Carbon fiber inside the car. Look at Pagani they use
carbon fiber but whit the aluminum and leather it's totally epic.

I would love to see a
Head-to-Head between this and the Enzo replacement and The Pagani Huayra.

jaloptar said... »February 26, 2013

there can be no excuse whatsoever for the ugliness that is the interior of this rather intriguing hyper car

Chris said... »February 26, 2013

I guess it's just me, but I find this car absolutely beautiful... inside and out. McLaren built this to be about acceleration and handling. They kept weight down in the interior so yea, it is a no frills design. I bet you this car out performs the Ferrari and Pagani. Maybe I am the only one who wouldn't get to 240+ on a race track or road. All I care about is how fast I can get to those speeds, and the cornering, which is what McLaren delivered with this beautiful car.

steve said... »February 26, 2013

Only 375 units, and priced at 1.15 u.s. dollars. the chance of me see it in real life is zero to none.

Trey Reid said... »February 26, 2013

No offense McLaren but I was expecting more from you. Not only did I think that you were going after the ferrari f150 but I thought you were gonna try to beat the top speed of the buggati veyron. Beautiful car though. But something tells me that ferrari f150 is gonna destroy u.

BLKITALIAN1 said... »February 27, 2013

I think these are just bad pics and a terrible color for this looked awesome in the orange in this odd color yellow it just looks of those cars that only looks good in certain colors

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