Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Special Edition Gains the Ying to its Yang in Japan


Last summer, Mercedes-Benz treated Japanese customers with a special edition version of its C63 AMG sedan painted in a matte black color with red accents on the wheels, and a two-tone, red and black interior, along with a power upgrade.

Apparently, the limited production edition was a success, as the German luxury brand has just announced a new version of the C63 AMG for Japan, only this time; it comes with a white body and red accents on the mirrors, brake calipers and boot lid spoiler plus a two-tone red and black leather interior (not the same as the previous version).

The C63 AMG Limited Edition is offered on the sedan and coupe body styles, both of which benefit from a performance tune that increases the V8 engine's output by 30PS, from 457PS (451hp) to 487PS (480hp).

Production will be limited to 15 examples of the C63 AMG Coupe and 20 of the Sedan model.




Dave Cohen said... »February 25, 2013

Nice......but rethink the red mirrors and ok but should be more stripping, maybe?

psiqtas said... »February 25, 2013

You cant have such a bright DRLs in Japan + light them with low-beams - it's illegal!

Dave Cohen said... »February 25, 2013

You seem to have an obsesion regarding DRL, see either a psyciatrist or a mechanic.

Hajime1990 said... »February 25, 2013

They're legal. Barely.

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