New 2013 KTM X-BOW GT Puts on a Pair of Shades but Doesn't Look Cool


It's been a long time since we last heard from KTM about its X-Bow, but at next week's Geneva Motor Show, the Austrian company will release a new version of its back-to-basics sports car named the GT that gains an odd looking windshield wrap, which for some strange reason, reminds us of the shades used on Jalopnik's older logo

KTM won't say anything else about the X-Bow GT until the presentation at the Swiss show, though, when contacted by the French crew at Motorsport-Magazine, a company spokesman said the new model is based on the more hardcore "R" version with the Audi-sourced 2.0-liter turbocharged engine detuned to deliver 281hp (285PS), down from 296hp (300PS).

Until we learn more, head past the jump to check out the official photo gallery of KTM's latest creation.




Jim Wile said... »February 28, 2013

Somebody stepped on it before you could take the picture.....

interstatex said... »February 28, 2013

Windscreen by John Deere...class!

BLKITALIAN1 said... »February 28, 2013

It never was a good looking car in the first place its more about the driving experience......the windshield therefore looks cheap doesnt make it look any better or worse and probably makes it more livable on a daily basis instead of a track day car...soudnds good to me....If i wasnt for sure this would probably cost almost $100,000

Mikleiel said... »March 01, 2013

Looks like it would be a blast to drive! Considering it's performance stats in Car and Driver's yearly "Lightning Lap" - it very well could be.

More than eats the PIE!!!! said... »March 01, 2013

Would make a good DragStrip Stunticon for Transformers 4!!!

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