New Photos of Alfa Romeo Gloria Sports Saloon Concept


Here's a fresh batch of renderings of the new Alfa Romeo Gloria sports sedan concept, which was jointly developed by the Italian automaker with students at the European Design Institute (IED) of Turin, and will be revealed in the flesh at the Geneva motor show in March.

Included in this set are sketches that provide a first glimpse at the interior with its four-seat layout and the classic, twin binnacle instrument panel.

In addition to the renderings that we found on Cardesign, we also discovered a CGI from one of the designers depicting the car from a 3/4 rear angle and featuring some minor changes in the coloration (i.e. the roof arches are finished in gloss black instead of silver), while also equipped with different wheels.

The 4,700mm (185 inches) long Gloria was designed to appeal to consumers in the North American and Asian markets, which Alfa Romeo wants to enter in the following years. The car was imagined to be fitted with a front-mounted V6 and V8 bi-turbocharged engines transferring power to the rear wheels.




G-Funk said... »February 20, 2013

Fucking Ugly

kachuks said... »February 20, 2013

Too highly stylized. There's really nothing there yet.

Pclarkkent said... »February 20, 2013

I'm sorry to say this, but there are no many good lines in this concept. it seems to long, especially, the front end after the front tires. it has maybe some good lines-ideas, but the overall result is not sexy...and this is what alfas allways should be.

jh said... »February 20, 2013

seriously...???? please don't build anything that looks even close to 'that'. if someone from alfa is reading this blog and needs some ideas - feel free to contact me.

sirtrancelot said... »February 20, 2013

lol, all I see is labia !

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