Save the Date: GM to Unveil New Chevrolet SS on February 16


Following yesterday's news that Holden will blow the covers off the next generation of its Commodore sedan in Australia on February 10, today we learn that the car's American sibling, the limited production 2014 Chevrolet SS, will be revealed just before the Sprint Unlimited race on February 16 in Daytona International Speedway’s fan zone.

The announcement for Chevy's new sports sedan came via Jim Campbell, Chevrolet’s U.S. vice president of performance vehicles and motorsports, according to Autonews.

“This is the first time that we’ve done this in decades, where we’re going to introduce a whole new model at a racetrack,” said Cambell. “We’ve done special editions at racetracks, but many decades since we’ve done this with a whole new model.”

The rear-wheel drive, V8-powered SS, which also lends its looks (with some imagination) to GM's NASCAR competitor, will be built alongside its Commodore sibling in Australia, with sales to start before the end of the year.

Chevrolet SS Rendering Copyright: CarScoop / Josh Byrnes




Bill Langham said... »February 06, 2013

I had hoped GM would build a real "Super Sport" but if this photo is even close to accurate, it`ll be just another flash in the pan without any panache or real power. Just another wannabe, and the bean counters win again. So very disappointing.

John L. said... »February 07, 2013

70% of GM models are built outside the United States. So, please tell me again why we bailed them out with our tax dollars?

psiqtas said... »February 07, 2013

Wait a second - but it's a Holden, I mean face lifted Caprice - returned Pontiac G8...nihil novi sub sole. So disappointing, Mopar still does better looking full-size RWD - didn't they remember that last spiritless GTO?

mark said... »February 07, 2013

Because it is a global market. All global companies build near their markets. Toyota, Honda, Nissan Mercedes, BMW all have plants here.
This blog sounds more and more like Fox news [sic].

Mark said... »February 07, 2013

How can you tell from a photo shop how much power it will have? The last Holden Commodore here had a Corvette v-8 under the hood.

Scott said... »February 07, 2013

To keep the workers that do work here on the job and the US suppliers that support them working and the communities,restaurants, and shops that are supported by these workers going. It's an infrastructure. Would you rather have foreign car makes run things and take their money back overseas with them?

Scott said... »February 07, 2013

I hope it will be like the G8 but with better materials and better ride and handling balance.

Will said... »February 16, 2013

You guys should get your facts right. Where was the camaro developed, by holden in Australia not the US. The reason why the Gto was not a rocket was becgause GM supplied the 5.7 motor and that car was better than any rear wheel drive car GM US produced. The commordore in Australia is a great handling car and the new chev SS via holden will be a great car it will have the 6.2 lt corvette motor. Now for the caprice it is made on a longer zeta chassis, the SS is made on the medium chassis totally different, may be the problem you do not like cars that actually go around corners.

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