Scoop: Ferrari F150 Sheds Even More Camo, Sounds Delicious at Fiorano


It was about time Ferrari's people got rid of that ungainly front camouflage on the Enzo replacement test car that made it look like a startled catfish. Moreover, with the company having already teased the front and rear end of the car in its magazine, it was unnecessary...

Less than a month before its Geneva Auto Show debut, it was also time we saw and heard the F150 (the car’s internal code-name) testing. YouTube uploader Marchettino took care of that, as he filmed Maranello’s upcoming hypercar during testing at the Ferrari-owned Fiorano track – and as an added bonus, there was also a red Enzo doing the rounds, too.

The F150 will reportedly be powered by a naturally aspirated V12 that will rev to a stratospheric 9,200 rpm and put out 800HP. Add the 150HP provided by the Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS), and the 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) time of 3.0 seconds seems a bit on the conservative (!) side.

For now, you can scroll down and view the video of both the Enzo and its replacement being driven in anger. We think you'll agree that, no matter its eventual output, the sound the F150 makes your heart beat faster.

By Andrew Tsaousis



500normal said... »February 05, 2013

ooohaaahhhheeeeewwwwww - damn thats an ugly ferrari. I know its not finished yet, but why is the cabin so close to the front?? I know some are going to say its the mid-engine , weight distribution etc. but still, tell your designers to chill out a bit, and get a few ours of sleep plz...

donald seymour said... »February 05, 2013

The proportions are vastly ugly.

911 said... »February 06, 2013

Doesn't a N/A V12 always sound great???

Let's dream a little bit: The F150 is said to weigh 1280kg - Now let's get rid of all the unnecessary stuff: No HiKERS -120kg and a manual tranmission instead of the dual clutch box let's say -60kg (Pagani claims it's -100kg, but that's probably because they decided to put in a single clutch unit) then we end up at 1100kg (2425lbs). A properly built 6l and something V12 supercar with 1100kg, that would have been the new pinnacle of supercars!!!! But in this case the Zonda remains on top. (at least on top of my list ;) )

donald seymour said... »February 06, 2013

I know why they call it a F150 because it has a truck bed attached to the driver cab. Very disproportionate.

TouyaShiro said... »February 06, 2013

This almost looks like a venture into Pagani territory with this design. Then again, I could just be imagining it...of course, the fact that it supposedly has a KERS system alongside its V12 would help explain on why it has such a long tail end.

Or I could just be imagining things again, because for most it's the front that's been squashed.

LouInPA said... »February 07, 2013

Bodywork by Bob the Intern

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