Spied: Did Citroen Just Pull a Nissan Juke-Styling Stunt on the New C4 Picasso?


We've known for a while that Citroen is developing replacements for the five-seat C4 Picasso and the longer, seven-seater C4 Grand Picasso, and that both minivans will feature a new design.

Nevertheless, these scoop pictures of a convoy of C4 Picasso MPVs driving on the streets of the city of Vigo in Spain, and which come to use courtesy of the crew over at Highmotor, caught us completely off guard - not so much by the fact that the cars were completely undisguised as by what is visible…

There's a lot to talk about, but it is the front end design of the new C4 Picasso that instantly grabs your attention with its unusual split headlamp and turn signal clusters, the layout of which brings to mind the Nissan Juke.

Not that the rest of the car is ordinary, especially the glasshouse with the three separated window designs that look more like an afterthought – unless, that is, Citroen imitated Pablo Picasso's art…

We'll know more about the new C4 Picasso, and possibly the Grand Picasso, at next month's Geneva Auto Show.

Photo Credits: HighMotor via Automonthly




PicassoRay said... »February 04, 2013

Hey, they stole the new Corvette taillights! ;)

DENO said... »February 04, 2013

you mean the same one I have seen on BMW?

Kaveh Ghavim said... »February 04, 2013

Those look like the new Audi R8 tail lights

Kaveh Ghavim said... »February 04, 2013

Interesting, but doesn't look like it has room for a engine bay.

ben nibohs said... »February 04, 2013

im going to say its a nice fresh design and its a pleasant looking car, citreon always design amazing looking cars that just look like a pure concept car on the road, more manufacturers should follow their foot steps

MarketAndChurch said... »February 04, 2013

It reminds me of the Audi A12 concept in its proportions and sihlouette, maybe this could be a poor man's A2. The design language is pretty nice though, hopefully it has better build quality then the DS5.

GlenH said... »February 05, 2013

"Bad artist copy. Good artists steal" Pablo Picasso

Alx said... »February 05, 2013

the front looks great imo.
however the a,b & c pillars are just too disjointed - they clearly tried to create an optical illusion, attempting the profile to look less minivan, more regular hatch.
yet now it looks like a C4 had some really bad plastic surgery!

Kid_Voltron said... »February 05, 2013

the one in the middle looks quiet distinct from the other two pictures, the tail lights are totally different, the wheel arches are widened? and the bumper at the back seem different compared to the first picture, I wonder if the front is also distinct...looks like a styling package...which would be another welcomed addition to the Citroen family...I like it!

i know said... »February 05, 2013

its a pure Audi's tail lights

Kid_Voltron said... »February 05, 2013

I think a good 3 of the bay starts well under the windscreen...see how far it extends.

Kid_Voltron said... »February 05, 2013

I think a good 3rd of the bay starts well under the windscreen...see how far it extends.

LABRISS said... »February 05, 2013

I don't like the headlights.The daylights are fine but the headlights....I do hope that with Xenon and lens they'll look much better.

Milan Legius said... »February 05, 2013

WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT???!!!! Citroen, you've lost it! LOST IT!

Kid_Voltron said... »February 06, 2013

is it the color that makes it Audi? I'm sure the 3 door Megane has the same 2 block design only not covered...

CJ1993 said... »February 07, 2013

I don't like this car at all. And I don't normally say that. This design is like a frankenstien of Audi Q7, Honda Odessy, and there's one other car in there that I just can't put my finger on. The extended windscreen and short bonnet come from the Honda, the rear end from the Q7 and the front end... I just don't know.. Nissan maybe. Then again, has Citeroen ever been known to make good cars? I think the best one they've ever made was the original C4, but they went downhill from there.If this car came out onto the Australian market today, and even if it was extremely cheap, cheaper than any other alternitive, I still wouldn't buy it. It's like the Nissan Cube, and the Kia Soul. They're other cars I would never buy.I would not care if it was a good car, I just would'nt want to be seen in something like that.
In short, what I'm saying is that it's an ugly car.

Keggy said... »February 07, 2013

Oh my god what were theybthinking. Another picture of a supposed C4 Picasso I've seen is a better looking car and seems to fit in better with the current range of Citroen models and resembles the current C4 but this uurrgggghhh

Costel Camburu said... »April 14, 2013

I tried in PS to sweeten a little bit the C4 look:

And I posted on a forum.

Costel Camburu said... »April 16, 2013

Look here, just a little mod:

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