U Spy: Kia's New Quoris Flagship Basking Under the Californian Sun


For some unexplained reason, Kia won't give us a definitive answer on when it's spanking new, rear-wheel drive Quoris flagship sedan will go on sale in North America, with officials simply stating that the car is currently being "evaluated" for the United States.

Given this fresh sighting of a Quoris (marketed as the K9 in South Korea) wearing nothing but its tuxedo black paint job in California by Carscoops reader Tom H., we'd say the frustratingly long evaluation process continues.

"Saw the car in Newport Beach California outside of a sushi restaurant," Tom told us in an email. "It had distributor plates on it and had no markings identifying it as the K9 - just the Kia badge."

From the few details Kia has released about the export market Quoris, we know that it will be offered with a 286hp (290PS) Lambda V6 3.8-litre MPI and a 329HP (333PS) 3.8-liter GDI engine, but it’s almost a given that the North American model will also get a V8 option, just like its Hyundai Genesis sibling.

Thanks to Tom for the scoop shots!




mccarluvr123 said... »February 26, 2013

Beautiful car! The Koreans have come so far within the past 5 years! It's incredible!!! I so hope they sell it here!!!

BMW said... »February 26, 2013

by copying others design

IFDU said... »February 26, 2013

Can that even be a serious answer in today's automotive field as far this trend is going? I mean a Sonata is a Avalon is a Fusion etc. Everyone is copying each other.....

mccarluvr123 said... »February 26, 2013

How exactly? How is the Soul a cope? The Optima?...even if they do take a few styling cues it's not copying! Besides, all car makers borrow design cues from one another!

donaldhump said... »February 26, 2013

wow... what would automotive companies do... especially Asian... if they weren't allowed to cut and paste when "styling" cars???

datruth said... »February 26, 2013

LOL to all those that say it's a copy. Have you seen the new accord or avalon? Copy of the Kia optima. Even the newer Volkswagens have cues form the kia. Besides, doesn't matter what model you buy, they will all look the same (have the same gille, bumper styling etc).

Ugly said... »February 27, 2013

Nice looking car. Is this the work of German, ex-Audi designer Peter Schreyer?

As for copying: then his design-work is probably seen in other cars too, isn't it?

john1168 said... »February 27, 2013

I like it. Sure the c pillar looks like it's off of a Masseratti Quatroporte and the tail lights from a Lexus LS but I'm sure that's not a bad thing. I don't advocate copying other manufacturers designs but all car companies do share design elements quite frequently. I'm not crazy about the grill but I do like the car and would seriously consider a V8 version if it came to the USA. Nice job Kia. Bring it!

kaveh said... »February 27, 2013

wow...this car is really nice,in each side.

McLaren said... »February 27, 2013

what's with the stupid names? "kadenza, quiros",,,,why doesn't the north american market identify them as k7 and k9 just like every other normal luxury sedan (bmw 550, lexus LS, merc S550...etc.) . if they did, more ppl may just buy them, and not be embarrassed to tell others what they drive.

bd005 said... »February 27, 2013

And BMW lifted their front end design from the Maserati Quattroporte, which, btw, is what Peter Schreyer cited as the inspiration for the K9.
And unlike the Lexus GS, the Acura RLX, etc. - the K9 does not have a greenhouse with the Hofmeister kink (a design element which BMW did NOT originate).

bd005 said... »February 27, 2013

Um, the head of Kia design is Peter Schreyer, a German, who probably has influenced more auto designers today than just about every other active designer.

bd005 said... »February 27, 2013

Peter Schreyer stated that the Quattroporte was an inspiration and the heavily refreshed LS460's taillight shape mimics the K9 (which has been on the market in SKorea for over a year).

donald seymour said... »February 28, 2013

I said it in a previous post, and I say it again. I renounce my badgewhoredom. If it nice I'm in and if it ugly I'm out. And this is nice, so I'm in.

Earl said... »March 01, 2013

I hate how everyone copies the original horse buggy. 4 wheels in a box shape. The nerve.

malik said... »March 03, 2013

korean always copy japanese n german cars
anyone said accord n avalon copy of kia optima
kindly first check the lexus cars then said toyota copy kia
lexus is brand of toyota
n plz also check toyota premio ,toyota mark x,toyota crown royal saloon,toyota crown ahlete,toyota crown majesta ,toyota allion,etc then u understand

rawr said... »March 07, 2013

everyones so quick to point out that kia/hyundai copy other manufacturers but for ex. the tail lights of the new acrua rlx cmon theyve been around for too long now. oh yea and the guy designing these cars use to design audis

Larryt Peters said... »March 09, 2013

regarding the grille: what is the K(9)mad at?Maaybe pedestrians? air pressure?

Acura Guy said... »March 10, 2013

Looking much like a Bimmer up front and Lexus LS from behind. Still, I think it looks well blended and quite attractive.

Mobis21 said... »March 13, 2013

Not a bad looking car at all. Too bad it is weighed down by a dumb, stupid, meaningless name!

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