Watch Steve Cropley Ride Shotgun in the New Jaguar F-Type V6S and V8

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The proper sports car Jaguar has been tantalizing us with for more than a decade, only to renege on its promise time and time again, is finally here in the guise of the F-Type, which was unveiled at the 2012 Paris Auto Show.

Jag’s all-new model is a roadster built around an all-aluminum chassis and will be available with three supercharged engines: a V6 in 335 base and 375HP S guises and a 488HP V8. At least in terms of the pricing, the F-Type is positioned between the Porsche Cayman/Boxster and 911 models.

Even though three experienced racing drivers have already driven the F-Type, the new sports car won’t be released to the eagerly awaiting worldwide press until April. In the meantime, select motoring hacks have been invited for a ride in the V6S and V8 models across Welsh roads, where much of the car’s development has taken place.

Autocar UK’s editor Steve Cropley has been one of the lucky few to catch a ride and he rode shotgun alongside Jaguar’s head of development Mike Cross.

You can watch what he thought of the car in the video that follows after the break.

By Andrew Tsaousis