2014 Range Rover Sport: The Best Round of Pictures Yet [Updated - 63 Photos]


In the rare chance that you had any doubts whether Land Rover's 2014 Range Rover Sport is the worst kept secret of the 2013 New York Auto Show, here's a new round of images showing the premium SUV from all four corners, and which just surfaced online.

The sportier-looking (and theoretically, –handling) sibling of the Range Rover Mk4, rides on the latter's all-aluminum, bonded and riveted PLA (Premium Lightweight Architecture) platform. The switch to from steel to aluminum construction will help the Range Rover Sport Mk2 shed as much as 300 kg or (661 pounds) over its predecessor.

We expect Land Rover to release details later today during a special event in New York, but the Sport will likely launch with a selection of supercharged V6 and V8 gasoline engines and V6 and V8 turbo diesels.

Visually, the new Sport looks like what you'd expect it to be: a more dynamic version of the Range Rover Mk4 with sleeker proportions, a lowered roofline, more angled front and rear windshields and a shorter rear overhang.

Photos: Land Rover via Autowp

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Nigel Jones said... »March 26, 2013

oh wow

Sharper Living said... »March 26, 2013

Those exhaust pipes are infuriating! If they're going to be so pathetic, just have them hidden.

rav said... »March 26, 2013


Andrew Nicolaou said... »March 26, 2013

Or make em bigger at least or a different shape like the current model

mccarluvr123 said... »March 26, 2013

I think this looks cheap, what with all that black plastic cladding in the rear. And those puny exhaust tips! What's with those?! This thing reminds me of those horrible tuning jobs done to a regular Range Rover! Just buy an Evoque if you want to stand out or buy a Range Rover if you want more room, loads of luxury, and world class off-roading capabilities...but don't buy this thing!

Cayco said... »March 26, 2013

I love it. I want one

S├ębastien said... »March 26, 2013

The rear is much better balanced on the Evoque than this one... (seems too narrow and too high)

TangoUrilla said... »March 26, 2013

so its an fatter more pointless evoque then?

RiotSloth said... »March 26, 2013

What's wrong with the exhausts? You've spent too long looking at your Scoobys drain-pipe exhaust I fear... Seems a good, logical in between to me, although I prefer the FFRR. Still not sure about the new interior though....

Will Wonka said... »March 26, 2013

Stunning! General model release then all hell breaks loose with the R-S version :)

AstonMartin said... »March 26, 2013

Color makes a world of difference with the way the car has been styled - with all the black accents the car will look best in the assortment of grays, silver and black offered only. Far too less differentiation from the Evoque. The former RRS had its own identity.

mccarluvr123 said... »March 26, 2013

The exhausts don't gel with the overall appearance. The design incorporates lots of horizontal lines, but not many curves, so I think they should have done rectangular exhausts.

donald seymour said... »March 26, 2013

Okay, Now tell me why did Josh make a better Range Rover Sport then Land Rover?

mccarluvr123 said... »March 26, 2013

I take back some of what I said earlier. It's started to grow on me and I'm starting to like it. However, I still have a few problems with it:
1. I still think it looks too much like the Evoque.

2. I still don't like all that black plastic cladding in the back.

3. The exhausts still look way to small and out of place.

Otherwise it looks good! I especially like the interior! I guess next time I should save my judgement until I've seen a few more pictures and have had a while to look at it.

R1S0 said... »March 26, 2013

everything is good except the rear end...

Jose Martinez said... »March 26, 2013

how and why do i find you more exotic than your big sister?

KidRed said... »April 01, 2013

I think it looks absolutely awesome.

Black cladding is the bumper area that gets scratched when loading and unloading into the rear. I'm fine with scratching plastic that can be replaced vs repainting a bumper.

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