C'est Magnifique! Peugeot's Clever New 208 GTi Commercials


Who said that you have to show the actual product you are advertising in a commercial to get the message out and make the viewer aware of its most important attributes?

If you play your creative cards right, you don't, as Peugeot proves with a new series of television spots about the all-new 208 GTi hot hatch.

The French company's creative agency came up with three different ads to demonstrate the connection drivers have with the 208 GTi, of which we only see the badge at the end of the spots.

We won't tell you more about the ads as we'll ruin the surprise, so go forth and explore the videos for yourself after the break.



Eyes wide OPENED to the reEVIL said... »March 11, 2013

Companies like Peugot , Renault, and Citroen need to start working with the PATRIOTIC Nationalists in government to remove all the social services parasitical third world filth and foreign invaders from Africa and the Middle East and semitic subversive elements in their society, government, banks, and government that send the good paying jobs to slave labor haven Asia, so people can afford to sustain the economy in France and the rest of Austrailan, American, and European lands.

ben nibohs said... »March 11, 2013

i do the bathroom scale one all the time :D

Márk Gázser said... »March 12, 2013

Amazing advertisement!

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