Chinese Drivers Try to Chump Cops with Safety Belt T-Shirts


There are really no arguments for drivers and passengers not to wear their seat belts, and those who don't will try to make petty excuses and then change the subject. As in most parts of the world, wearing a seat belt is required in China as well, but some crafty minds have found a simple way to avoid being fined.

The solution is a simple white T-shirt, with a diagonally-printed black line starting from the left shoulder and ending just above the wearer's left hip. The design perfectly mimics the position of an actual seat belt, and it is designed to fool police officers, which at a first glance, will think the driver is actually wearing his or her belt.

We don't know whether to laugh out loud or raise our eyebrow at this unusual style of T-shirt, but the fact of the matter is that safety should never be taken lightly, so a raised eyebrow it is, then.

By Andrei Nedelea

Story References: Carnewschina , Hljnews & Taobao




Mr.Brooks said... »March 09, 2013

lol stupid...

ben nibohs said... »March 09, 2013

so one would go through the trouble of ordering, paying and wearing a hideous shirt, instead of just simply wearing a seatbelt.

Ugly said... »March 09, 2013

lol... it should be reversible - that way you can wear it on the front passenger seat too!

...but simpler just to wear the set belt - and safer too!

JSR said... »March 09, 2013

Natural Selection

psiqtas said... »March 09, 2013

but ingenious too!

Yavor Trassiev said... »March 09, 2013

Just in time for the overpopulation problem.

zeddy said... »March 09, 2013

I can't wait for the first Youtube video of the driver wearing this shirt with his head right through the windshield.

Dave Cohen said... »March 09, 2013

The manufacturer of this shirt is not very smart, they should have included a fake pocket holding a pack of smokes,

dumblikeyou2 said... »March 09, 2013

This is what happens to a country that's not allowed to have Google.

jarooo4 said... »March 09, 2013

This idea is so old - invented in Italy years ago...

vs said... »March 09, 2013

Not new, used to exist many years ago in... Italy! The Chinse even copied that!

Dave Cohen said... »March 09, 2013

Yes, but the belt image went from the right shoulder to the waist but it still fooled the Italians :<{)

Braddo said... »March 09, 2013

WHY would you not wear a seat belt? This is i atupid idea - i mean serioulsy its the one thing that can save your life.

Ben said... »March 09, 2013

Idiots. I guess a dead Chinaman is a good Chinaman.

Max Pasion said... »March 10, 2013

I look forward to a video of a car crash of some guy thrown out of the car wearing this ridiculous seatbelt shirt because he is so stupid and lazy to strap on the real thing

Freedom-Loving-Man said... »March 10, 2013

But why should you care? Do you own everybody in this planet? Or are they free to make their own (smart AND stupid) choices? Live and let others live, alright Mr. Dictator? :-)

Responsible Luvin' Woman said... »March 10, 2013

Ok Freedom luvin' man. As long as you sign a contract that says when YOU do some freedom luvin' bs that turns YOU into a quad that YOU assume all the costs associated with that act. Then I have no problem with your Freedom Luvin'.

zeddy said... »March 10, 2013

Hippy dude, I couldn't care what they do as long as it doesn't impact my life.
However, I enjoy watching candidates for the Darwin's award, alright Mr. passive-aggressive?

Dave Cohen said... »March 10, 2013


wgw3ergwqeg said... »March 10, 2013

Yhis was done in Italy in the 90's

donaldhump said... »March 10, 2013

This is the same thing as those bizarre people who turn on the faucet in the restroom to make other people think they are washing their hands.

donaldhump said... »March 10, 2013

you can do what you want... but the rest of of have to pay higher insurance premiums because of people like you.

Anon said... »March 10, 2013

Anyone else think someone with this shirt will die in a car crash someday unless he wears a real seat belt instead of putting on one? ;P

And please...don't try to bring the hippy's excuse of freedom right to make stupid/clever choice in this question. 8D

Realist00 said... »March 10, 2013

I am glad the world is still going crazy as we speak just to get out of minor stuffs that you need to necessarily do to keep you safe.

And in the process of dodging that minor thing you need to do, you risk killing yourself in the process for the entertainment of those who laughs at the deaths of irresponsible drivers who can't even be fucked or damned to wear a seat belt as if they're poison. laughable.

Realist00 said... »March 10, 2013

Why the fuck are you bringing stupid freedom rights into an irrelevant topic, to show how much of a fucked hippie you are by wiggling your freedom-rights-indulged penis?

Seriously. It doesn't matter if you've the freedom or not. If you die for stupidity, you get laughed by society for being irresponsible, get over it.

Huge Dom said... »March 11, 2013

Not that I would suggest to do so but to be fair, the traffic jams in China are so bad in some areas, wearing the belt or not makes no difference with bumper to bumper traffic.

Freedom-Loving-Man said... »March 13, 2013

Ya'll shouldn't be smoking that much weed. I am free to do whatever I wish with my body because I have already signed (not voluntarily thou) a contract. That's the thing you morons keep calling a social contract. That's why you keep taking my tax dollars. I don't want to pay them, but that's another story. So as long as I'm paying my taxes, why should I pay extra for all those expenses? Aren't they included in the entire wealth robbery (i.e. taxes) thing? If you're arguing with me, then I dare you - do some research. Find out when the seat-belt laws were enacted and then look at what happened with the taxes. By your logic, they should have gone down for everybody. Right? Cause there would be no more accidents caused by 'not wearing a seat-belt', so why tax people for these things? If you follow me.

All I'm saying is please give us more freedom. Why do you insist that we all do what you say? I guess you don't like gay marriages either. Or guns. Or alcohol. Or sex. Or capitalism. I'm betting you're a cold commie, am I right?

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