COTY 2013: VW Golf Mk7 Wins this Year's Competition to No One's Surprise [w/Video]


The VW Golf is something like the Daniel Day Lewis of the automotive awards: when it's nominated, there's a good chance it will win. A few days after the Irish actor bagged his third Oscar for his performance in Lincoln, the seventh iteration of VW’s C-Segment model won the 2013 European Car of the Year award for the second time in its history, becoming only the second model after the Renault Clio to have done so.

Perhaps the analogy is not exactly fair: DDL hasn’t been nominated for each and every movie he has starred in while all seven generations of the Golf have been on the CoTY podium.

Moreover, in 2013 he was a favorite but had to fend off Denzel Washington, Joaquin Phoenix, Hugh Jackman and Bradley Cooper while the CoTY members (unsurprisingly) flocked to Das Auto giving it a total of 414 votes.

That’s more than double the 202 awarded to the second-place Toyota GT 86 / Subaru BRZ twins, which were followed by the Volvo V40 (189), Ford B-MAX (148), Mercedes-Benz A-Class (138), Renault Clio IV (128), Peugeot 208 (120) and Hyundai i30 (111).

Here's what the COTY said:

“The new Golf has been recognized by the Jury for its overall balance and the outstanding achievements in safety, fuel efficiency, dynamics and comfort. Almost familiar in looks, Golf VII is entirely new under the skin, with a lightweight structure based in the new MQB flexible platform of VW group for passenger vehicles with transversal powertrains. The nice-looking cabin, with a classic style and analogue instrumentation, is roomy and has materials of excellent feel which contribute to the perceived quality.”

There’s no denying the groundbreaking MQB platform and the other qualities of the Golf; for “almost familiar looks”, however, you can read "near impossible to distinguish from the previous two"…

By Andrew Tsaousis



sabman said... »March 04, 2013

These guys look for functionality when deciding not appearance. Real shame!

ben nibohs said... »March 04, 2013

Vw just added an extra number to the mk6 golf give it some fancy headlamps and the judges could be fooled into thinking its an all new car. the dacia sandero has more design flair than this. i dont hate the golf but apart from the B-max how the hell could they turn down all those cars?

John stratzi said... »March 04, 2013

These cars go forever . I got one from scrap cars In Toronto and fixed it. Its one of the best cars I have got in Toronto

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Eric Raville said... »March 04, 2013

Not quite...the Volkswagen Golf MK7 is an all-new vehicle that rides on Volkswagen's new global MQB architecture. It's certainly not just a MK6 with fancy headlights...

KHM5 said... »March 04, 2013

Told you so... ;)

Dan said... »March 05, 2013

Please tell me in which scenario is this better than Toyota gt 86, Mercedes A Class or Volvo V40?

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