Facelifted 2014 Buick Regal Appears in LaCrosse Pictures and Video


To demonstrate the updated 2014 LaCrosse sedan's new safety features such as the Side Blind Zone Alert and Forward Collision Alert, Buick's creative department had to use a second vehicle, which as you would imagine, is another model from the brand's range.

Instead of placing another LaCrosse, though, Buick used a digital version of the 2014 Regal, as pointed out by Carscoops reader Chien-Jay.

And how can we be sure that the rear end of the Regal in the video and pictures seen here is indeed the facelifted model that will join the 2014 LaCrosse at Buick's New York Auto Show stand this week? Well, because it has the same redesigned tail lamps and chrome trim at the back as the 2014 Opel and Vauxhall Insignia prototypes spied in Europe.

Other changes we expect to see on the new model year Regal, and consequently, on its European Insignia sibling, are mild styling tweaks up front and the interior.

Hat-tip to Chien-Jay!





Akira said... »March 25, 2013

I've always wondered: is the Buick a rebadged Opel or is it the other way around? Same with Infiniti: Are the G,M and EX rebadged Nissan Skyline, Fuga and Skyline crossover, or?

Riwal888 said... »March 25, 2013

Nothing surprising - tomorow is official premiere for 2014 Buick Regal in NYC.

On Buick official FB page is written: On March 26th, we’ll be revealing the redesigned 2014 LaCrosse and Regal live in NYC.

Ah said... »March 25, 2013

The Opel insignia was on the market years before the regal was released so I'd say that makes the Buick the rebadge. The g,m and ex are all Infiniti models sold under the Nissan badge in Japan because I don't think they have Infiniti there, so that would make the nissans rebadges

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