Ferrari Tensostruttura is a LaFerrari Development Prototype From Two Years go


If you think the LaFerrari looks good in its production form, wait 'till you see what they were doing two years ago. The Tensostruttura concept is one of only two 1:1 scale models, built to explore the design of the then-future LaFerrari. This is merely a rolling concept, and one out of nine possible design directions for the car.

I particularly like the rear end of the concept because it just looks more like a real LMP racer. Marchettino just posted a video from the Museo Ferrari, in Maranello, and we can see this very rare concept from all angles.

It is a treat, because manufacturers don't usually show this stuff, and all we get to see is a car in its final or close to-production form, but not any of the development prototypes/proposed designs which were ultimately rejected.

Do you think this looks better than the LaFerrari we now know or worse? Have your say in the comments below.

By Andrei Nedelea



Márk Gázser said... »March 24, 2013

In my opinion the front looks better than the LaFerrari, and the end is not bad either, but i prefer the LaFerrari's butt.

arturo said... »March 24, 2013

New Maserati MC12

UPGRAYEDD said... »March 24, 2013

Damn! They should have built this instead of the production design.

MarketAndChurch said... »March 24, 2013

They should still bring that out in limited numbers. I prefer the LaFerrari's front end's aggressiveness.

donald seymour said... »March 24, 2013

Mark, change your profile picture...Laugh out Loud. Do a family photo or something because the mug shot is not doing it. Anyway I disagree with you on that.

donald seymour said... »March 24, 2013

And by the way it is vice verse for me. Like the butt, could care less about the 1990's concept face of the concept.

Syed said... »March 24, 2013

Front looks much better

ben nibohs said... »March 24, 2013

Wow, that looks extremely sexy! too bad they haven't made this, i guess it didn't pass some aerodynamic tests

Márk Gázser said... »March 26, 2013

I will soon change it, I hope it makes you fell relieved! ;) It's just a joke anyway..:) Turning back to the LaFerrari, I think the front is a bit too long, quite aggressive looking. Still looks odd to me, but well, tastes differ, right?

Márk Gázser said... »March 26, 2013

This actually might as be good for a new Maserati!

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