Ferrari Tensostruttura is a LaFerrari Development Prototype From Two Years go

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If you think the LaFerrari looks good in its production form, wait 'till you see what they were doing two years ago. The Tensostruttura concept is one of only two 1:1 scale models, built to explore the design of the then-future LaFerrari. This is merely a rolling concept, and one out of nine possible design directions for the car.

I particularly like the rear end of the concept because it just looks more like a real LMP racer. Marchettino just posted a video from the Museo Ferrari, in Maranello, and we can see this very rare concept from all angles.

It is a treat, because manufacturers don't usually show this stuff, and all we get to see is a car in its final or close to-production form, but not any of the development prototypes/proposed designs which were ultimately rejected.

Do you think this looks better than the LaFerrari we now know or worse? Have your say in the comments below.

By Andrei Nedelea