Future Cars: Hyundai's All-New 2014 Genesis Sedan Comes into Focus


Now, when someone asks what type of car you drive, and you answer with 'Genesis', more often than not, you'll receive a puzzling blank stare. However, one need not to be offended; Hyundai's entrant into the luxury car segment is still a relatively new player.

Revealed at the 2008 North American International Auto Show, it was Hyundai's interpretation of a luxury sedan to compete with the Euros. While sales of the first generation haven't exactly taken the world by storm, those enthusiastic boffins from South Korea are not waving the white flag just yet.

In fact, they're so intent on making inroads on the luxury sedan market that they're having a second attempt, with the reveal expected either later this year or early 2014. While the current Genesis Sedan has a reasonable amount of kit for the dollar, it struggles to exude a visual statement compared to its direct competitors.

Hyundai's next installment hope's to change that; so based on actual spy-shots depicting the real thing, we at Carscoops are providing an illustrated glimpse of how things have improved.

Hyundai-HCD-Genesis-Concept-b2[2]The Peter Schreyer-led team has translated a fair chunk of aesthetic punch from the HCD-14 Concept car that debuted at this year's Detroit motor show, and infused it into the bodywork of the next Genesis.

Hyundai's Fluidic Sculpture design language is complemented with smooth surfacing and shorter overhangs; while the long powerful hood and imposing 'Bentley-like' grill conceal what is expected to be either a 3.8L V6 or a 5.0L V8. Mated to an eight speed transmission (with a 10-speed unit to be introduced later on), the Genesis is also expected to offer both rear wheel drive and all-wheel drive configurations for those who live amongst the more slippery geography.

Detailed visual highlights start with the LED head and taillights; tackling Audi where so much design emphasis has been placed in the recent past, and strategic placing of chrome-work.

Even the shut-lines have been carefully thought out with fluidic intersecting joins at the base of the windscreen and rear bumper. Whilst the greenhouse could have been transferred from the latest Toyota Avalon or Chevrolet Impala, a prominent shoulder crease runs the length of the car linking head and taillights together in a broad sweep.

Compared with the likes of Jaguar XF, Mercedes E-Class, and BMW 5-Series, the next Genesis appears to be a strong contender. However, does it go far enough? One cannot help wonder if staying closer to the HCD-14 Concept in design would have yielded a greater statement. Tell us what you think in the comments below.

By Josh Byrnes

Photo Renderings Copyright: Josh Byrnes / Carscoops


2014 Hyundai Genesis


donald seymour said... »March 07, 2013

Oh my. Josh, if you are right with your detective work, then we have a killer on our hand. May God have mercy on all automotive brands, because hell will rain on them when this car comes out.

Dave Cohen said... »March 07, 2013

If this car was offered by any of the "prestige" brands it would be an instant success. As a Hyundai it will sell well to person who wants the luxury, without the high price.

Tiratos said... »March 07, 2013

Say what you must about the car, but it is damn stunning!!

mccarluvr123 said... »March 07, 2013

Looks nice! Love Hyundai's and Kia's designs lately!

Dave Cohen said... »March 07, 2013

I must be thick, because from your blog, I cannot tell if you like the car or not.

MarketAndChurch said... »March 07, 2013

Too German... Even if it won't include any Korean influences, they still need to come up with something more original then anything resembling this Audi-of-a-design. Granted, the sheer drop of side from shoulder crease, for a clean minimalistic look, is "different." No un-necessary bends in the sheet metal, and gives it a much cleaner overall look. Ford employs the same techniques seen on this sketch on its current Fusion... it's sides have well-defined character lines, minus the buff wheel arches or the over-articulated bends you'll find on a 5-series or A6.

Frank said... »March 07, 2013

What a rip off of the Ford Fusion and Ford Taurus, also Hyundai and luxury don't go well together

Garrett Spicer said... »March 07, 2013

Looks good. Too bad its still Korean.

lacutis2012 lacutis said... »March 07, 2013

Looks nice that's because its been influenced by the Infinity M series

Blayke A. Fish said... »March 08, 2013

It sits somewhere between a Volvo and a Mercedes style-wise... I really enjoy it. Just lively enough to be a contender, but very serious looking above all else.

donald seymour said... »March 08, 2013

I like it.

bd005 said... »March 08, 2013

More like the other way around since Ford ripped off the hexagonal grill shape from Hyundai.
And in Korea and Japan - the automakers are full line brands with Toyota and Nissan selling luxury models.
At least Hyundai's luxury offerings are the proper RWD + V8; can't say the same about Lincoln (which many consider to be nothing more than "tarted up" Fords).

bd005 said... »March 08, 2013

Considering that Peter Schreyer was recently appointed the head of Hyundai design, he probably had little to do with the design of the 2nd gen Genesis, and Hyundai's design language had already evolved from "fluidic sculpture" to "fluidic precision."
As for the HCD-14, the design of the Genesis was probably set before the HCD-14 was penned and Krafcik hinted that the HCD-14 may be the template for a luxury "4-door coupe" from Hyundai.

Eddie said... »March 08, 2013

"While sales of the first generation haven't exactly taken the world by storm"...(?). The first-generation sold plenty and is/was successful

fsd said... »March 08, 2013

New Mondeo?

kia lover said... »March 08, 2013

RLX looks it is far more elegantly !

Luc Helterbrand said... »March 08, 2013

it looks like a volvo. not that that is a bad thing...but not exactly an original or expressive design...rather quiet expression especially for hyundai!

kaveh said... »March 08, 2013

smart design...nice features

Abdul TheBarber said... »March 08, 2013

hyundai just hit another home run with this car

MarketAndChurch said... »March 09, 2013

No. The 2010 Hyundai Tucson only implies the hexagonal grill. It is not explicitly defined as it was on the 2011 Ford Taurus show car that debuted in New York. And even the 2010 Ford Taurus implies a hexagonal grill, you can see the upper lip of the hexagon covered in chrome so it doesn't really stand out, but it is clear when you lift that hood that the grill is a hexagon. The current Taurus & Hyundai Santa Fe & even Subaru have refined their hexagonal grills, but they've all come to market at relatively the same time, with neither Ford nor Hyundai being able to lay claim to that grill.

Both the Tucson & Taurus took their inspiration from the 2008 Audi A1 Sportback, if that makes you feel any better, & if you remove the traditional chevy bar that usually runs through it's split-grill theme, one could even argue that Chevy(who also took from Audi) has been running with the hexagonal grill the longest, even if it is only implied, and in two pieces.

Wayne Baxter said... »March 09, 2013

I have a Genesis, all black w/chestnut and black interior. Most don't even know what it is as it has the Genesis emblems and all say it's an 'awesome' looking car... But can you just imagine what the 2014 would look like on any road or parking spot. The reason that I bought mine in the first place is it gives me everything I need, stying, mileage, handling, comfort and price w/o the Gucci price tag. I don't by a car for the name, I buy it for what I like, all things considered.

Wayne Baxter said... »March 09, 2013

In the eye of the beholder. Everyone likes different things, thank God. It's a beautiful car. It could adorn my driveway anytime. Who really gives a rat's butt where some of the styling ques came from as long as the one who totes-the-note likes it. You don't like, don't buy it!... Just saying.

Anonymous said... »March 09, 2013


Dave Cohen said... »March 09, 2013

Well said. So many people piss away money on useless things just to impress people who more than likley think you are a fool to buy into the "prestige hype"

carscoopmember said... »March 09, 2013

Haha...This can't be real! Put your pointer finger and middle finger together and cover just tip of the front end.This is such a BMW rip off. It looks exactly like a 5-series! Do any of these companies, Hyundai, Kia, etc have any original ideas of their own, or do just just blatantly and un-apologetically take German designs.

yo said... »March 10, 2013

they should have spun off the brand and called it Genesis. I like the car but will never be excited to say i drive a hyundai. I remember when they "were cars that make sense" from the 80's

emjayay said... »March 10, 2013

Think waaay back to the 1950's. Each car company had very small design staffs run by one or a few guys. No internet. Each company in a different location. The result was essentially quite different approaches to styling. 1949 Ford. 1949 Nash. 1949 Lincoln Cosmopolitan. 1950 Hudson. 1951 Kaiser. 1953 Studebaker. 1956 Rambler. 1957 Chrysler cars. 1959 GM cars. (Go ahead, check Google Images). In Europe....1956 Citroen DS (that's really all you have to say). Oh and any Jaguars in the traditionalish 1959 Mark II type style as well as of course the 1961 XKE.

Today everyone is in touch with everyone and the level of design professionalism and what can be actually produced is very high. All the designers go to the same few schools and they all know what's going on at each other as well. Peter Scheyer, a German from Audi, was chief of Kia design and now Kia president (!) and chief of Hyundai design as well. Probably too late to have much input into this car, but who knows what was going on in these twin companies. So this new Hyundai (only seen here in a very idealized view) is a very well done professional design which combines, like comments here say, elements of just about every competing car in a slick and very modern form. It will no doubt be really nice and sell a lot of cars, but will never be any kind of design icon.

IFDU said... »March 10, 2013

I don't think that's saying much considering how ugly the 5 is.

Haiquan Ma said... »March 10, 2013

Did anyone notice, but this is the closest "Audi" (an A7 copy, by Peter) Schreyer-hack, yet...

PJF said... »March 10, 2013

I have a 2011 4.6 Genesis and I like the car. I bought it not just for the looks , but what it offered for the price compared to the Euro luxo sedans in it's size sector and of course it's incredible warranty! The current V1 Genesis IMO is a good car. Not great...yet. A few electronics gremlins, ride quality, and alignment issues plague this vehicle. I hope the new V2 Genesis addresses these issues and a few others. This new offering looks very promising and I look forward to it's introduction since my lease is up next year. If the artists rendering is close to the production vehicle, it will be a good competitor. It's gorgeous.

But one thing Hyundai has to get straight is their dealer service network for their premium sedan. So far I am disappointed with Hyundai's service and customer support for their premium cars i.e. Genesis, Equus. I'm treated more like a Yugo owner than a Genesis owner. So, until Hyundai gets that straight, it won't make no difference what cars they have to offer and what options they come with. My .02.

Karl Henry said... »March 10, 2013

Front looks like the current Nissan Maxima. Where is the Hyundai identity, oh I forgot they don't have any.

bd005 said... »March 10, 2013

Hyundai started using the hexagonal grill shape with their HED-2 and HED-3 concepts all the way back in 2005-6.

Earl said... »March 11, 2013

I also noticed it looks like the Ford model T. 4 wheels and doors that swing out? Engine in the front? A solid roof? Steel body panels? Rubber tires? A round steering wheel? Come on Hyundai stop copying a design that is 100 years old.

Bill Fisher said... »March 12, 2013

I've been driving a Genesis for almost three years and so far it's the finest automobile I've owned, including some German luxury. It needed a few improvements in ride and handling but otherwise was world class in its quality, reliability and dependability. I think your memory needs a reboot my friend. This isn't the Hyundai we used to warn people about and it most certainly does equal luxury. The only change needed after the release this generation will be the closed minds who don't know how to let go of the past. Congratulations to everyone at Hyundai for the car I have and the new Genesis I will be driving as soon as you make it available to me. Beautiful lines. Nice changes on the interior as well.

Bill Fisher said... »March 12, 2013

I will agree with you on the dealer experience. But truth be told, I've had my oil changed in other places and the last time I saw the dealer is when I took other people to buy one. My car hasn't needed one thing fixed in almost three years. I love my Genesis.

Bill Fisher said... »March 12, 2013

They make more sense than ever. I love mine. I don't gave a damn what the nameplate says. The car says everything I need to hear. One thing it has never said is take me to the dealer. It has been flawless. I'm very proud to say I drive a Genesis. It says I don't let my ego get in the way of common sense and that I can drive a luxury car for Ford/Chevy pricing. said... »March 13, 2013

I have a 2009 Genesis, 2013 has features I don't have but can't come up with "one" reason to warrant trading my car, we like it that much.

Trackman said... »March 30, 2013

I see a whole lot of Camry and BMW 5 Series in the latest photo, but it looks good.

Pepsico said... »March 31, 2013

I guess I'll have to keep the 2012 Gen for at least 8-10 more months until this beautiful car finally hits the showroom.

1BillH said... »April 04, 2013

I did my research and bought a black on black and tan Genesis optioned to the hilt. Love the car, very few flaws. Mistaken by clients for a European luxury car all the time. ( I'm a luxury home realtor) Have owned most all the major high end brands of cars over the years. I found service to be fairly frequent and expensive, while the Huyndai has proven to be just the opposite. Very well put together car, at speed it's very 5 series feeling on a serpentine mountain road. Handles really well. A bit harsh a low speeds, but I'll bet the engineering folks at Hyundai dial that in on the new model. Overall an excellent bang for the buck and really great built quality inside and out. It's hard to argue with success of Hyundai's aim at the high end car market as they already handily out sell many more established brands. Genesis and Equus are both winners and frankly who would have believed these cars from the Hyundai of just a few years back. They have come light years and are very high visibility to all the worlds car manufacturers at this point. I'm old enough to remember the first laughable Honda's, Toyota's and Datsuns. The first Mercedes I rode in was a 4 on the floor diesel with crank up windows. This company has jumped into the luxury market in a big way and their first cars out of the shoot have been winners. Heads up established luxury car out for Hyundai!

Raul said... »April 12, 2013

I just saw this car on the road and could not figure out who it was the manufacture. I was so caught of guard that I had to look it up when I got home. Lets just say I am stunned. This is a hot and really beautiful car. One look at it driving down the road will be all it takes to make you understand what I'm saying.

Fastiggial said... »April 14, 2013

Looks great without the prestige name and bling. I'll leave those for the insecure and foolish. The Genesis fits well for me.
P.S. Didn't we deride Honda 30 years ago when they went from a motorcycle powerhouse to making auto's??

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