Have You Ever Locked Your Keys Inside Your Car? This Koenigsegg Owner Has…

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Most drivers and car owners have had at least one unpleasant experience when they somehow manage to lock their keys inside the car, without them actually being inside. The reasons are many, but most common are central locking systems with a mind of their own, being in a real hurry or just plain lack of awareness.

Now, if you thought this only happened to run-of-the-mill car owners, you'd be wrong, as the price and exclusivity of your motor is irrelevant here. Take this Koenigsegg CCR owner, for example, who somehow left his keys inside, and then tries to get them back using a method usually employed when stealing a car.

It seems that all it takes is a metallic clothes hanger, which has been bent out of shape to make a hook at one end, and a skilled pair of hands. It is not specified whether the keys were in the ignition or not, but we suspect they may have been left on the driver's seat, because otherwise it would have been much more difficult to get them back without damaging the car.

We don't know the exact details of how this happened, but we really don't need to, in order to fully enjoy watching the video below, courtesy of YouTube user Munch997.

By Andrei Nedelea