Hyundai Gets Glitzy with Equus Stretch Limo Designed by Hermes [w/Video]


While Hyundai premiered its restyled 2014 Equus in New York, at the Seoul Motor Show today, the Korean carmaker unveiled a special edition of its limousine, designed in collaboration with Hermes French fashion house "Hermes".

Based on the 2012 model year version, the “Equus by Hermes” is a more luxurious edition of the long-wheelbase model, with the exterior tweaks and the cabin styled and customized by Hermes designers.

Hyundai says the project is the results of two years of work from designers and researchers in the company’s pursuit of a “modern premium” car. The interior focuses on the harmony of colors and features more than 20 items that were produced specifically for this car. Needless to say, everything was hand-made by Hermes artisans. The entire interior is lined with different types of leather chosen by Hermes, with the door panels being lined with crocodile leather, of the same type used by Hermes for some of its famous handbags.

Designers drew inspiration from aircraft interiors to design the rear center console of the car, which includes a folding table and four-cup holders, plus a water bottle compartment and a large storage space where a travel blanket can be kept.

Only three Equus by Hermes models have been built, none of which is for sale. Hyundai says it doesn’t plan to launch it on the market, and only aims to improve the brand image by associating it with a well-known, established European luxury brand.

Hyundai’s first attempt to associate with a fashion house was with Prada, which co-designed a limited-edition line of Genesis sedans. However, only a third of the 1,200 cars made were sold.

By Dan Mihalascu


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NE1BUTU said... »March 28, 2013

Seriously Hermes? You sell t-shirts that cost $98,000, but you team up with Hyundai? This is something that Eddie Bauer would do. Way to cheapen the brand.

Matt Frawley said... »March 28, 2013

it like 1970's 1980's Cadillac Fleetwood limousine.

bd005 said... »March 29, 2013

Don't have such a US-centric view of the world.
Hyundai in Korea is a full line-up brand, selling luxury and mainstream autos, just as the royal Japanese family ride in the Toyota Century.
Previously, Prada paired up with Hyundai for the Prada Genesis.

Matt said... »March 29, 2013

You should wake up and open your eyes buddy , we're not living in 90's , it's 2013 now and Hyundai is big animal in auto industry.

No one said... »March 29, 2013

Why are they cheap..They sell more cars then BMW
The quality is better then any French car...
and they can build and sell a car like this..

I like it

William said... »March 29, 2013

Father=2012 Mercedes S class

Mother=Lexus Ls

Steve said... »March 30, 2013

man, that's one ugly interior, Hyundai should have picked Ralph Laurren to do it. he has way much better style, and he loves cars.

seriously said... »March 30, 2013

all that gaudy leather, makes the dashboard look very cheap, thats my problem with this car and the genesis its interior just looks and feels cheaper than the cars they want to compete with

NE1BUTU said... »April 01, 2013

What does that have to do with being a luxury brand?

NE1BUTU said... »April 01, 2013

I have a closet full of $98,000 t-shirts. Actually, not really. An enamel bracelet and a leather notebook were my last purchases. Why?

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