Land Rover Drops Teaser Video of 2014 Range Rover Sport Arriving in New York


As you probably know from our story last week, the design of the all-new 2014 Range Rover Sport is no longer a secret. So, to pass the time more quickly before the SUV's official reveal on March 26 at the 2013 New York International Auto Show, Land Rover thought about releasing a fresh teaser video of its new model.

The footage starts with the new Range Rover Sport arriving in a container at the New York port, and continues with the car driven around the city.

We get to see the car’s dynamic rear end along with the new taillights, the aggressive front bumper, and a first glimpse at the car’s dashboard, which appears to be pretty much the same as the one in the new Range Rover.

On top of all this, the growl of the supercharged V8 is probably one of the better sound tracks your ears will hear today.

By Dan Mihalascu



pcurve said... »March 19, 2013

well i gotta admit, that does sound pretty good.

RROWNER said... »March 20, 2013

Land Rover did a good job with the Sport, but I have to say they made the inside look too similar to the Range Rover. The flagship of of any manufacturer should always stand out. Not only by the quality of the materials they use but by looks too. For example, it seems like they're using the same digital cluster as is in the Range Rover. Something that was reserved for the Range Rover exclusively. Of course, they don't show much more, but that's the wrong move for Land Rover. They will lose sales Range Rover sales for this. They might come out saying that the Range Rover is bigger, but at the end of the day customers want some exclusivity, especially if they are putting down $30 to $50 thousand more than the Sport.

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