Mitsubishi's CA-MiEV Concept Looks Like a Prius that Shrunk in the Dryer [Live Photo Update]


This is the new CA-MiEV, a Geneva Motor Show-bound concept study made by Mitsubishi to provide us an indication of the next generation of the brand's all-electric models, and which from certain angles, looks like a smaller Toyota Prius with more interesting design details (though, feel free to disagree).

According to the Japanese carmaker, the compact five-door hatchback incorporates many of the next-generation EV technologies under development at the company, including high-energy density batteries and high-efficiency EV systems such as electric motor, inverter, regenerative braking and wireless charging system.

These new systems work together with a much lighter and more aerodynamic body to offer the CA-MiEV a theoretical driving range of 300km or about 186 miles.

Other features present on the concept include magnetic resonance wireless charging technology and smartphone activated functions.




Jeff Sor said... »March 04, 2013

I really like it :D

Fadyady said... »March 12, 2013

It may look like something out of a tumble-dryer but it looks better than the car its based on: MiEV. To top the looks it has an increased range.

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