New Gadget Claims to Improve Fuel Economy by up to 30 Percent by Bettering Your Driving Habits


A new device called Automatic says it is designed to help motorists better their fuel consumption by providing suggestions on how to improve their driving habits.

Here’s how it works: it plugs into your car’s data port and sends information about your driving to an iPhone or Android app (whether or not you want that info to be recorded somewhere, is another story…). The app then makes suggestions on how to get better mileage and improved performance out of your car.

How does it do that? Well, for instance if you’re accelerating quickly, Automatic emits a subtle audio signal to let you know what you’re doing is wrong for fuel economy (as if you didn't know that already…). If you respect its instructions, people at Automatic say the device can save you up to a third on gas, with the cost of only a few adjustments on your driving habits.

Automatic can do other things too, like detecting specific engine problems when the “Check Engine” light is on or alerting 911 in case of a crash.

As for its downsides, aside the fact that it’s not recommended for boy racers, it only works with gasoline cars sold in the U.S. since 1996. To see which cars are compatible with Automatic, check this link.

The device is priced at $69.95. A promo video follow after the jump.

By Dan Mihalascu



George Lupic─â said... »March 14, 2013

Interesting but mostly for the diagnosis bit. If you can actually monitor stuff about your engine with it that's fine. Moving on to fuel economy... doubt it will be that helpful. I'd say a 10% increase is doable via corrections in driving style but for anybody who'd benefit from such improvements it's irrelevant since they probably know what to do already.

TimothyC said... »March 14, 2013

Instead of wasting your time with gadgets to save pennies, why not just do what the government does? Increase your revenues. By simply earning more money, the higher costs of fuel will not affect you...

AnOld BlackMarble said... »March 14, 2013

You are a genius. Give this man a cookie.

ben nibohs said... »March 15, 2013

if you have slight knowledge about engines and cars, i dont think you really need this gadget. And if you don't, there's many, many forums on fuel saving tips - works for me
and $69.95? lol, spend it on your gas

Neinfectat De Comunism said... »March 15, 2013

dane, de unde scoti povestile astea? :)))

Jaime Lacayo Jr. said... »April 04, 2013

Done. I gave him a cat turd in sand disguised as an Almond Roca.

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