Portland Police "Arrests" Man Doing the 'Harlem Shake' in Central Precinct Garage


If you haven't heard or seen people feverishly dance to the tunes of "The Harlem Shake", you're either not from this world or you've completely locked yourself out from today's society.

In the name of fun, Portland Police chimed in with their own "surveillance" video that shows a man dancing in the Justice Center basement parking lot, before a cop comes and arrests him, with the clip ending with the following note: "NO MORE SHAKE VIDEOS! The Portland Police Bureau arresting your fun since 1870".

A press statement from the police department read: "The Portland Police Bureau is releasing surveillance video of a man doing the 'Harlem Shake' in the basement garage of the Justice Center. In the interests of justice, the man was released but we share this video as a public service announcement."

Sgt. Pete Simpson, a Portland Police Bureau spokesman, told Oregon Live that the man in the spoof video is a "non-sworn member of the bureau's communications unit, who asked to remain anonymous".



Mr.Brooks said... »March 15, 2013

Fake but funny.

Steve said... »March 15, 2013

A stupid waste of public service time. I guess I should not attempt to do arobic exercise in a public place then.

Kaveh Ghavim said... »March 15, 2013

I miss the good old days when the stupid would be dead before they grew up.

John said... »March 15, 2013

Wow, God forbid anyone have a little fun and make a tongue in cheek video these days. People like you take it serious and get upset too easily.

TouyaShiro said... »March 15, 2013

If you read the article, you wouldn't need to say that.

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