PSA to Further Differentiate Future Peugeots and Citroens


The European automotive industry is currently at an all-time low, in terms of both production and sales, and it seems that no matter what the major automakers try, it still ends up just being a case of laying people off, canceling models and closing factories. Still, the PSA group from France has announced a radical rethink of how it markets and sells its cars.

The problem faced by PSA is not new, and the blame lies within them, because they did not make Peugeot- and Citroen-badged cars more different from one another. However, officials now state that this will all change for the group's future models, which will be repositioned in the range.

The first order of business is to push Peugeot further upmarket, in order for the brand to remain competitive, while Citroen will be the low-cost alternative. And yet, in this case, at least, low-cost doesn't mean what you actually think it does, and a more accurate way to describe it would be "lower-cost".

Citroen's C-line of models will offer better ownership costs, yet they will have to do without the level of mechanical complexity found in Peugeot-branded models. They will also miss the full range of engines, with Peugeot getting all of the latest and most powerful units.

The Citroen DS-line will be kept, and it will still represent the pinnacle of PSA engineering. Peugeot will slot in neatly between Citroen's DS and its regular range of models, in this revised way of thinking. The 208 GTi is an example of one of the first cars to follow this new philosophy, and we say the new 508 does so too...

By Andrei Nedelea

Story References: Autonews Europe




S├ębastien said... »March 12, 2013

They just need to embrance modern cars : they still miss a decent dual clutch gearbox, powerful gasoline engines, or the latest electronic features.

Jonathan Knapman said... »March 12, 2013

It's funny. I always thought of Peugeot as the standard, 'popular' brand, while Citroen as the quirky, left-of-centre niche brand. Equally, the DS range is still very clearly Citroen, so having a range of cars that are your premium models, yet bear a very strong resemblance to your low-cost option seems a bit counter-intuitive to me.

MarketAndChurch said... »March 12, 2013

How can Hyundai & Kia, and the VW portfolio, able to make it work, and Peugeot & Citroen cannot? Lowering Citroen will only lower it into irrelevancy and kill the brand, because the lower and more "affordable" you go in Demographics, especially in France, the more you are chasing folks whose cost of living already renders a new car purchase as a burden, even if they have the means to afford one.

Their recent DS5 is over-styled, yet uber-cheap in the materials they use, fit-and-finish is sub-par, & the whole thing is just under-engineered. Wallowy ride, strange ergonomics, its just a mess. I hope they are not saying they want to use the DS5 as their example of "lower-cost"... because it is junk. You may fear Korean ingenuity as Korean products invade your home market, but you should fear, even more, your contentedness with mediocrity.

MarketAndChurch said... »March 12, 2013

By the way... what ever came of Khalil Bouguerra Peugeot 301 RXH design study? It was just gorgeous, & had better proportions then this fugly creation. Did Peugeot ever go through with that? That make one mean estate, probably more spacious then the upcoming Fusion wagon, while better looking then the VW Passat Alltrak, & giving Jaguar, BMW, Mercedes, & Audi a run for the money.

Wax_Lyrical said... »March 13, 2013

" still miss a decent dual clutch gearbox" -- S├ębastien are you a robot?

Wax_Lyrical said... »March 13, 2013

I agree, as long as they give the C3/DS3 and C4/DS4 the same interior they are going to fall short of that goal, it would be very hard for me to buy the DS4 after I've sat in the C4, for those practical and consious buyers the C4 makes sense over the DS4, same underpinnings, interior finishes and comfort creatures only difference is the the body shell and the the lack of the THP 200 engine in the C4 ...

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