Radical SR8 Racer Has a Very, Very Close Call with a Truck


Taking to the race circuits to push your own and your vehicle's limits is far better and smarter than doing the same on a public road, but it does not mean that you are completely safe since, well, you are pushing the limits, and there's always the unexpected.

For track racer Miguel Villagomez, the unexpected came when his Radical SR8 (yes, that's the British sports car that holds the second best lap time on the Nürburgring at 6:55, behind only the SR8 LM that did the same in 6:48), jolted while driving over a road patch on the Autódromo de Tocancipá in Colombia.

Villagomez lost control of the SR8 and entered the grass at speed. That wouldn’t have been a problem if there wasn't a crane truck parked inside… Luckily, the Radical stopped inches (if not less) before smashing into the large vehicle.



ben nibohs said... »March 22, 2013

dont know why but i feel sorry for him

chop said... »March 22, 2013

surface is too bad.

Timo said... »March 22, 2013

Where did the tire in the backround at 0:53 come from?

Dave Cohen said... »March 22, 2013


psiqtas said... »March 22, 2013

Pit Crew rocks! ;-)
Wasn't that suspension too stiff/hard setted up for this track?

Márk Gázser said... »March 22, 2013

I do, too, because of his moves after stopping ahead of the truck. He wanted to let the steam out by punching the steering wheel but he didn't want to make more damage to the Radical.

Pesky said... »March 22, 2013

I don't blame the steerer, that race track should be shut down. It's f'n horrible. Take a look at the the bumps. Even keeping the car stable on the straights is a handful. This track should be reclassified to OFF-ROAD. Unless they fix it (it's Columbia so I doubt it) I would never drive any on-road car on it.

Flasheroo said... »March 23, 2013

Driver must really want to race if he drives on this death trap of a track.Crane trucks,shipping containers and what looks like homeless people hanging around this excuse for a track.Didnt see any corner workers or flagman anywhere either.He's a
very lucky man!

Sergio Carranza said... »March 23, 2013

homeless people! hahahaha, just workers, this happened in Colombia not the ring... not everybody has the best tracks in the backyard

Miguel said... »April 09, 2013

HAAA!! Its me, we where trying to know the track. We went with a balanced set up but the car and track was too bumpy! Thar was a tuesday, the next day it was ready to go!!! Thanks for publishing the video!

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