Scoop: New Renault TwinFun Concept Looks Like a Modern Day 5 Turbo [w/Videos]

A never-before seen Renault concept named TwinFun or TwinRun (we can't make out the fifth letter on the name placed on the tailgate), has been captured on camera while it was being filmed for what we assume to be a promo clip in the city of Madrid in Spain.

While you will be forgiven to mistake it for a Gallic Fiat 500, the presence of the mid-engine Renault 5 Turbo from the early 1980s in one of the pictures explains where the French carmaker drew its inspiration for the three-door hatch.

At this time, we have no official information on the small Renault hatch, but we're thinking it could be a concept for the next Twingo, which is being co-developed with Mercedes-Benz's Smart division, sharing its underpinnings with the new ForTwo – something that would explain its size, and the side vents that suggests it has a rear-mounted engine and rear-wheel drive.

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Hajime Kishi said... »March 28, 2013

No dont rush for your checkbooks. Production version will be another front wheel drive city car.

LeifMichelsen said... »March 28, 2013

No, you know it won't. As it's codeveloped with the for two, which will be rwd, the twingo will be as well! So let's just wait and see. I'm excited!

cyrus said... »March 28, 2013

no. it will be just as the smart : rear engine, rear wheel drive...
it has been made clear by renault from the beginning...

viggles said... »March 28, 2013

it will likely be RWD actually, they've confirmed they're sharing Smart's RWD small car platform. Apparently plan is for a 2-seat and 4-seat version of the smart but Renault may only get a larger 4-seat car, no 2-seater.

JohnCarscoop said... »March 28, 2013

It is true what the other commentators are saying - Renault has confirmed that the next Twingo will use the next Smart's architecture with a rear-engine, rear-wheel drive setup

Jaco Hattingh said... »March 28, 2013

How many WORDS are there in TwinFUn/TwinRUN?

Pâques said... »March 30, 2013

April fool ?

Jw said... »March 30, 2013

Am I the only one who sees a fiat 500 in cloak?

Catalin said... »March 30, 2013

Haha...this means Tata Nano was way ahead of its time as a city car...everybody is copying it's engine layout now :)

aaronbbrown said... »March 31, 2013

2 words BAD ASS

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