Spied: Volvo Rolls Out First Test Mules for All-New 2015 XC90


At last, Volvo has begun field tests of its long overdue replacement for the XC90 that will be introduced in late 2014 or (more likely) in early 2015. For starters, your eyes are not playing tricks with you as the test mule depicted in these spy shots is indeed wearing a modified body from the XC70 to hide the running gear of the XC90. Prototypes of the production body model are expected to start making their appearance over the next year.

The next XC90 will be the first model in Volvo's range to use the company's all-new scalable platform architecture (SPA) that was previewed in 2011 with the "You Concept" sedan, and which will eventually be utilized in the replacements of the S80 saloon, V70 estate, and if the rumors turn out to be true, a coupe model as well.

While our spy shooter found out that, the test mule was fitted with one of Volvo's current five-cylinder engines via the car's registration number, the Swedish company has confirmed that besides the new platform, the three-row XC90 will also debut a new generation of modular gasoline and diesel four-cylinder engines sharing up to 40 percent of their parts.

It has been reported that diesels will produce from 120hp to 230hp, and the gasoline units, from 140hp to 280hp, with the XC90, obviously, getting the most powerful versions. We still don't know if Volvo will continue to offer V6 and V8 powerplants for the top range XC90s, or if it will hybridize the four-cylinder mills to achieve higher outputs.

Photo Credits: CarPix for CarScoopS




Chuck_Knut said... »March 22, 2013

Finally!This almost makes my day!It's like two generations late.
(Btw, the XC90 never used V6 engines, Volvo doesn't even produce them, when it comes to six cylinders they are straight!)

R1S0 said... »March 22, 2013


TangoUrilla said... »March 22, 2013

let the bland commence.

adbc said... »March 22, 2013

They'll have upto around 400 bhp with help from k.e.r.s. and electrification. Also this is just a guess but Polestar has been working alongside Volvo to develop the engines so a higher performance version will probably be made available.

Girla Vicu said... »March 23, 2013

it looks more like xc70

VolvoMan said... »March 23, 2013

Will be placing an order! I currently own Volvo's and would drive nothing but a Volvo. Some are wondering, but no worries! It only looks like a current XC70 model because it is intended to. The photo is that of a "test mule" and as your article states, Volvo will eventually start showing more of the all new 2015-MY Volvo XC90's sheet metal closer to its official unveiling. The car is rumored to be stunning from Volvo insiders and your very own sketches here at Carscoop!

R1S0 said... »March 23, 2013

maybe because it is a xc90 TEST MULE with xc70 body???

Tostik said... »April 04, 2013

Volvo's engine expertise is inline 4, 5, and 6 cyl engines--and forced induction (turbocharging). Volvo's too small to have a big variety of engines, but they've made some fantastic engines. M
ost recently the the inline 5 cyl engines.

Tostik said... »April 04, 2013

Volvo desperately needs this new XC90, especially for the US market. The XC60 and S60 has been pulling the train for Volvo lately, and they desperately need some help.

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