SsangYong Releases Renderings of New LIV-1 Concept SUV Ahead of Seoul Debut

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Following the Geneva show debut of the SIV-1 SUV concept, SsangYong has released two renderings of another design study, called the LIV-1. Set to premiere at the Seoul Motor Show on March 28, the LIV-1 is SsangYong’s proposal for a large premium SUV shaped by the brand’s “Robust Aesthetics” design philosophy.

Alongside the SIV-1 and XIV series models, the LIV-1 will be part of SsangYong’s future SUV lineup. LIV stands for “Limitless Interface Vehicle”, which is SsangYong speak for “unlimited high performance and the value of large premium SUV concept.” If you didn’t quite understand that, don’t worry, neither did we.

The renderings show a well-proportioned vehicle, quite similar with the SIV-1 concept. The side creases and the front end, especially in its lower part, remind of the smaller SUV study.

The LIV-1 SUV concept will be one of the automaker’s 19 vehicles to be showcased at the Korea International Exhibition in Ilsan. SsangYong will also display the Chairman W Summit luxury flagship sedan, among other models.

At the show, SsangYong will provide more specific details about the development of its future SUV lineup.

By Dan Mihalascu