Tony Stark Says Sayonara to NSX, Returns to Audi and its R8 e-tron for Iron Man 3 [w/Video]


Tony Stark's brief love affair with Acura and the new NSX-style roadster prototype, which was in fact a re-bodied, first gen NSX, is over (at least for now…), as the protagonist of the Iron Man and The Avengers franchise, is returning to Audi's arms.

The man in the iron suite, played by Robert Downey Jr., will sit behind the wheel of the battery-powered R8 e-tron in the third installment of the Iron Man, which is due to hit theater screens on May 3.

In the second trailer for the movie that was released today, Stark's white-colored R8 e-tron makes a passing appearance in two different scenes, while Audi also released a picture of the car with Downey Jr. sitting inside, just to make sure everybody sees it…

In the two previous installments of the series, Stark used a regular R8 in Iron Man 1, and an R8 Spyder in Iron Man 2.





Fed up with The System said... »March 06, 2013

Forget the villian "The Mandarin", if there really was a Tony Stark, he would have to defend himself against the world coallition of evil, the corrupted filth in the US and most other world governments and military stooges, ALL the Semites in the middle east, and the corporate executives who would be very concerned about the Arc Reactor technology and its free energy. We all know who the real evil in the universe is. We need to stand against it

interstatex said... »March 06, 2013

..agreed, it's time to eliminate the Smurfs!

Sergio Carranza said... »March 06, 2013

I always knew it! and the Blue man group is working with them as well -_-

SR said... »March 07, 2013

Acura is for Avengers like u will see all shield cars are Acura and In Iron Man they use Audi as main car

Ironman Gumpert said... »March 07, 2013

Stark should be driving the Gumpert!

Alx said... »March 09, 2013

Audi has one of the largest marketing budgets in the industry - they are masters at product placement, and this is just it...

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