Watch Tanner Foust Run a Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Around the Nürburgring


For obvious reasons, not many people fantasize about driving a pickup truck round the Nürburgring Nordschleife to enjoy its handling capabilities. It's just too wrong, in too many ways.

However, Top Gear USA host Tanner Foust isn't one of those people - and he didn't just think about it, he actually did it. The stunt and rally driver came up with the idea of driving a performance pickup truck, the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor, on the world’s most frightening racetrack, the one that drivers affectionately call “The Green Hell.”

While the Ford’s 411HP 6.2-liter V8 engine and its permanent 4-wheel-drive system did a decent job of moving 2.7 tons of metal through the Nürburgring treacherous corners, the off-road suspension was clearly not designed for such conditions.

On the plus side, seeing the Raptor’s enormous suspension travel makes one realize how comfortable Foust must have felt behind the wheel. It also shows that the man can drive. Too bad lap times were not released, although people in Maranello, Modena or Stuttgart should definitely not be worried.

By Dan Mihalascu



Jurassic Nürburgring said... »March 12, 2013

Not necessarily a Foust fan, but definitely a Raptor fan. Looked like fun, but if I were Foust I would have worn a helmet.

Anonymous said... »March 12, 2013

You think that is something, I understand that GM is planning to test the upcoming 2014 Escalade ESV there as well... yep, driving flat-out while towing a trailered Chevy Volt. The 'Slade's gas mileage will probably take a bigger hit than usual, but it may enable GM to finally get the Volt to achieve its originally specified range of 40 all-electric miles!

Márk Gázser said... »March 12, 2013

It's mad! I agree with Foust that people must have loved it! They were like 'Oh here comes a Porsche again, an Audi, so mainstream, but wait! What the heck? A Raptor? Holy god!"

psiqtas said... »March 12, 2013

This truck is tough-enough, so you don't need a helmet...

Dave Cohen said... »March 12, 2013

Next week a Ferrari at a open pit coal mine?

Jurassic Nürburgring said... »March 12, 2013

Either that or Foust's head is soft-enough. ;)

Sébastien said... »March 12, 2013

I'm not even sure, the Raptor is not less misplaced than a campingcar or other oddities

cavallino said... »March 12, 2013

1:09 "Is it a plane? is it a train? no it is couch! I mean 411BHP, but couch".

Seriously, how long the brakes can withstand it?

Greg VENEZIANO-BELAIEFF said... »March 12, 2013

XD would love that.
Submit it to the taxtherich YouTube channel.

Hajime1990 said... »March 12, 2013

Just 1 min 35 sec? Did he not finish the lap?

TangoUrilla said... »March 13, 2013


Stop it.

Márk Gázser said... »March 13, 2013

Ok, there have always been people who have misconceptions abou what cars belong to a racetrack, but it's most of the times fun to see such bizarre things crawling around the 'ring in an incredible pace.

Márk Gázser said... »March 13, 2013

Haven't you seen the video in which someone drives an Enzo on a country road even in mud! That's something like your idea!

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