Arnold Schwarzenegger the Driving Impersonator will Make Your Day

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It's no secret that famed actor, bodybuilder and former California governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has a thing for large means of transportation – be that his street legal Hummer and more recently, a customized Mercedes-Benz Unimog, or his personal M47 tank.

Knowing what he drives, is one thing, but what goes on when he gets behind the wheel, is a completely different story, which we might never get to learn about in real life, but we can sure imagine it with a little help from Canadian actor and comedian Will Sasso, who is mostly known as a cast member on MADtv and for starring as Curly in the 2012 movie "The Three Stooges".

In the video that follows, Sasso impersonates Schwarzenegger as he rolls down the street in his big SUV, sometimes holding a big cigar in his hands while he rambles about all sorts of things – even getting behind a cop car, just for kicks…