BMW Describes New Concept X4 in Video, We Visually Compare it with X6


The star of BMW’s booth at the upcoming Shanghai Auto Show will no doubt be the Concept X4, a pre-production model that reveals how the brand’s second Sports Activity Coupe (SAC) will look like. As with the larger X6 model, BMW wanted to combine the high ground clearance and powerful aspect of an SUV with the dynamic lines and elegant roofline of a coupe.

How did BMW’s designers manage to combine these somewhat, contradicting requirements, we can see from the way the car looks. However, since this is a highly subjective exercise, let’s hear BMW’s Exterior Design boss, Domagoj Dukec, explain the way the Concept X4 took shape and what are its strengths and... strengths - remember, he works for BMW, so don't expect to hear about the car's weaknesses.

Nevertheless, as this is a democratic website, we are eager to hear your opinions on this matter as well. Do you think BMW managed to bring a breath of fresh air with the Concept X4 or is it simply a downsized X6 with slightly different details?

Remember that the X4 production model will look just like the concept (minus the flashy concept car bits) when it launches in early 2014.

By Dan Mihalascu


BMW X4 Concept VS. X6



seriously? said... »April 07, 2013

I have to admit i really like the way that X4 looks I think it seems to work better on the smaller suv than the big x6, the x6 by comparison almost looks bland and odd. The extra details on the x4 body make look more than like a x3 with a low roof

Millionaire$ said... »April 07, 2013

X4? when u already have the x6??? Pffffffffffff..
stupid... only fools would love that

Anonymous said... »April 07, 2013

x4 headlights are too volkswageny

Rob said... »April 07, 2013

I like most of the design except the drooping tail light cluster looking from the side...

Anonymous said... »April 07, 2013

Horrible..looks like a vw....dont follow minis footsteps and produce too many similar cars that compete with eachother because it wont work

Gustavo Adriano said... »April 07, 2013

Headlights very ugly...

matt said... »April 07, 2013

i can't wait when they will come out with minivan instead, they would sell like hotcakes in US. rich hubby would buy it to his soccer mom wifey, i believe they would sell incomparably more then this x4...

seriously? said... »April 07, 2013

huh? The success of the Evoque proves people want a compact suv like this, and the success of the X6 justifies its existance. The idiocy of the comments on this blog never cease to amaze me

MarketAndChurch said... »April 07, 2013

There's no way around it, the X4 is a very attractive ute. But does BMW truly feel that the ails of its X6 will be fixed if they offer it at a cheaper price-point? The X6 is already annoying in the fact that you are seated so low the floor, and to decrease room, especially headroom in the rear, I don't see the point. I like how the C-pillar is blacked-out, what appears to be a non-functional window, but exists to give the greenhouse that long coupe-like affect.

I kind of feel they've squandered some missed opportunities with the X4 nameplate.

truthsayer said... »April 07, 2013

owe! My eyes..... They burn. I feel sick

cashifyer said... »April 07, 2013

whats up with manufacturers making really ugly lights? only Audi are making them nice, but even they are going the wrong way lately...

look at the new Subaru WRX Concept... thats how you should make them! front and back!

Braddo said... »April 07, 2013

how much smaller is it?? 20mm? looks the same size. I think the X6 was ridiculous anyways, so this "smaller" version is even more riduculous! I know someone with an X6 and back seat driving is not comfortable at all... stupid cars

Crunchy said... »April 08, 2013

sexy ass

Anonymous said... »April 08, 2013

I enjoy the headlights personally

Giorgi Gogua said... »April 08, 2013

bmw you are fucking idiot

Dave said... »April 08, 2013

Not quite as ugly, but close, IMO.

VL said... »April 08, 2013

me too!

Rimzy said... »April 08, 2013

i don't get the triple-curved-swage lines on the bodyside. they're not sleek, they're not muscular. they're just there so the designers have something to say 'it's not identical to the X6. Sadly ruins what is otherwise a tidy profile. I like the face and rear end, though.

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