Composting Methane Fusion-Drive Subaru BRZ Takes Us Back to a Stinky Future [w/Video]

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If you thought that what the Subaru BRZ needed was a complicated and seemingly unfeasible hybrid system, then this article will be right up your alley. This BRZ from 'Planet Subaru', a Hannover Massachusetts, dealerships, has been fitted with a composting Methane Fusion Drive hybrid system, which as its name suggests is a very ingenious way to power a sports car – it's exactly what Dr. Emmett Brown from the Back to the Future trilogy would have done, had he been given a BRZ to fettle with.

Sure, you could argue that the extra weight will dent the car's performance, but the green gains are undeniable. The builders of this unique car say that it and not the XV Crosstrek Hybrid is the first ever Subaru hybrid in existence. Also, in true Subaru tradition, the car is now all-wheel drive, with the gasoline engine powering the front wheels, and the Methane Fusion Drive making power for rear-mounted electric motors.

As you probably have begun to suspect, none of the above is actually true, and even with the "subtle and tasteful" badging applied to the car, nobody is fooling anybody. While this may be a good April Fool's Day joke, it does beautifully illustrate just how complicated and contrived hybrid systems can be in some cars.

Check out the photo gallery and video after the jump, by the end of which you will undoubtedly be smiling. If you want to keep smiling, click here for more BRZ-related fun!

By Andrei Nedelea