Drivers Stop for a Funeral Procession and Almost Meet Their Maker Themselves…

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Even if the law doesn't always state that traffic should come to a complete halt when meeting a funeral procession, many drivers choose to do so anyway as sign of respect to the deceased.

We don't know which of the two applies in this incident that took place in Marion County, Tennessee, but in an ironic twist of fate, a funeral procession of a car accident victim was marred by a scary crash.

Cody Vice was riding his motorcycle when he saw a car in front of him slow down and stop as soon as the driver noticed that two other motorcycles had done the same while the funeral procession was passing by on the opposite lane.

Vice, who was wearing a helmet camera, may have stopped, but a truck coming from behind didn't and smashed into the blue sedan.

"Riding up on suck creek mountain and a truck slams into the car in front of me. Almost got me killed," said Vice on his YouTube page. "All of a sudden these tires, you know, screeching, and then a big collision. It scared me. That had to be one of the scariest moments that I've ever had riding," he told WRCBTV.

The accident has sparked a heated debate to as whether drivers should pull over / stop when they come across a funeral procession. You can weigh in your thoughts about it in the comment below.

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