Florida Cop Filmed Hitting a Pedestrian and….Leaving Scene


A Florida police officer is in hot water after striking a pedestrian with his squad car and leaving the scene without calling in the incident and asking for an ambulance.

The accident occurred in January when Orlando police officer Fiorentino-Tyburski hit Tetris Nunn as he was crossing the road when the pedestrian signal said not to. As you can see in the footage from a surveillance video that was obtained by WFTV news, the officer stopped and came out of the car and asked the man a few questions, but he then took off without reporting the incident. Nunn then called the police.

News Chanel 9 was able to get its hands on the 911 calls and radio transmissions, in which Fiorentino-Tyburski clearly dodges the Orlando Police Department (OPD) dispatcher's questions.

"Are you in a marked or unmarked?" the dispatcher asks the officer who replies, "Uh, I'm in a marked car."

"Ten-four. We just got a caller for a Signal 4 [code for a crash] at Hughey and Washington and we're just trying to figure out if that was you," the dispatcher is heard telling Fiorentino-Tyburski.

We then hear Nunn's conversation with the OPD dispatcher. "Did the officer say he was coming back or why did he leave if he hit you?" asked the operator.

"Uh, he just hit me and, you know what I'm saying, he was, he blamed it on me and he just took off," said Nunn who told the dispatcher that he did not need any medical assistance but that he was hurting.

You can watch the videos of the incident right below the break.



Car_Guy1 said... »April 16, 2013

" officer Fiorentino-Tyburski is still driving a squad car..."

I hope he gets a stern talking to as well... WTF?

Zack Baumel said... »April 16, 2013

so i guess hot water doesn't mean justice . . .

arse said... »April 16, 2013

Standing in the middle of the road for no reason + black person = insurance scam.

chippers said... »April 16, 2013

if you stand in the middle of the road like that you deserve to get hit by a car. jackass

AlOrlando said... »April 16, 2013

I've lived in Orlando for the past 35 years and would not expect much more from the OPD. The officers speed out of control in the streets without any regard for the tax paying citizens. This is when they are not going on calls. I've followed a few and reported them to department. Personally I've seen officers throw people against building walls downtown Orlando for simply jaywalking.

AlOrlando said... »April 16, 2013

This is nothing. I live in Orlando, and the OPD follow no rules or regulation.

Trigger said... »April 16, 2013

Arse + chipper.. looks like the guy was crossing the street. The douche cop did not even call an ambulance. Maybe the cop should be sentenced to live in the streets for 6 months to respect the citizens he is working for ....

PB said... »April 16, 2013

I think the US Police have been told they can ramp up the intimidation with some impunity. Ties in with all the security state nonsense that's been added to American life over the past ten years.

Car_Guy1 said... »April 16, 2013

I lived in Florida for several years, it's a statewide issue with the police and not just in Orlando.

Flasheroo said... »April 17, 2013

Homeless guy is a scam artist and should be in jail.Watch the vid and check out his actions when the dark car went by first.He pretends he is hurt and for everything in your wallet he wont call the cops.Notice the exagerated movement afer contact with the car?Just a bem trying to rip working people off.

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