Hyundai i10 Almost Makes a Perfect Triple Somersault in Kiev


Not paying attention to the road and what's going on in front of your car can be hazardous for your health. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it, yet some drivers insist on being completely careless.

In this video shot in Kiev, Ukraine, we see drivers slowing down and moving towards the left lane once they detect a stopped truck loaded with cars that appears to have been involved in an accident with a passenger model. Actually, every car except one red hatch, the driver of which speeds on and tries to overtake a Renault Scenic 4x4 and crosses into the other lane.

The Renault makes a small sudden move to the left and it happens; the red Hyundai i10 hits the Scenic's side, which sends it rolling multiple times on the road. No word if anyone was hurt.



J Draper said... »April 18, 2013

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