New McLaren P1 Spotted at Movie Set for Upcoming Need For Speed Film!


Does the world need another car movie franchise after the long-running Fast & Furious series, the sixth installment of which opens next month, while a seventh (!) film has been fast-tracked for a summer 2014 release?

Well, as they say, it all depends on whom you ask and, naturally, how good the movie is. You can't answer the latter unless you've seen it, but we can tell you that as car enthusiasts, you can count us in for being interested, especially if we're talking about exotics like the McLaren P1

All this brings us to the upcoming movie "Need for Speed" (or NFS for short) based on the racing game franchise, which we're sure most of you are familiar with. Just last week, the main protagonist of the movie, Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul, tweeted that filming started in Mendocino County, just north of San Francisco.

"Just landed in San Francisco and now heading to Mendocino to start rehearsals for Need For Speed. I hope they have my Bushmills at the bar," Paul wrote on his Tweeter page.

Mendocino County has a long tradition in playing host to the movie industry and thankfully, knows how to create some buzz, even if we're just talking about pictures shot from the set.

Now, in the first image we see a matte black Porsche Cayenne and Ford Mustang, a Bugatti Veyron, and two supercars, a yellow one which we're not sure what it is, and a red model that we believe to be either a Koenigsegg or less likely, a Saleen S7, and this because we get another glimpse of it in the second image, parked next to the all-new McLaren P1 This should be the first appearance of the British sports car on film.

We'll have to wait for more detailed info, but for now, we can tell you that the NFS movie, produced by the DreamWorks Studio, was originally set for release on February 7, 2014, but the date has since been move to March 14, 2014.

Correction: We originally found these photos on the Facebook page of the Mendocino County Film Office (MCFO), which we credited, but after further investigation, turns out they were sourced from Mendocinosportsplus.

Photo Credits: Mendocinosportsplus via Mendocino County Film Office




Jakob Laursen said... »April 05, 2013

The red one is a Koenigsegg. The yellow one could be
the GTA Spano

Simo Tod said... »April 05, 2013

the yellow one is a GTA SPANO :)

esuomenona said... »April 05, 2013

It's funny, because the GTA Spano has never actually been in a Need For Speed title (not even as downloadable content).

Makes me wonder what the story line of the movie will be.

Sushi Ninja said... »April 05, 2013

Holy cow! What's the budget for this film!

Kaveh Ghavim said... »April 05, 2013

Some nice rare called and the Bugatti, never seen a Mustang camera car before, thats cool.

donald seymour said... »April 05, 2013

I love looking at carnography! All day every day.

psiqtas said... »April 05, 2013

I love the flat black 'murdered out' camera-chasing cars, they are cooler than the movie cars itself!

Márk Gázser said... »April 06, 2013

Yes, the red one is definitely an Agera R and the yellow is the GTA Spano you linked!

ben nibohs said... »April 06, 2013

lol is it going to turn out to be like redline?

Peloton25 said... »April 06, 2013

The P1 is not real - it is a mockup meant to fool the camera. I'd bet a few of those other cars are similar creations as well.

Here's a closeup of the P1 they are using where a keen eye can spot some noticeable differences.

Onlyneed4cylinders said... »April 06, 2013

Most of the cars are replicas they are filming the movie in my town

sami villamor said... »April 07, 2013

These pictures are taken on hwy 253, that road had been closed all weekend for this.. they are doing a lot of filming in Boonville right now. On tuesday they were filming right in front of my house. Its pretty freaking awesome!! Minus all the traffic stops and blocked roads, it'd be pretty nice to ger out of boonville today, hah..

Anonymous said... »April 08, 2013

So stoked for this

Eric Shaw said... »April 08, 2013

red car in the corner is a koenigsegg ccxr or agera r

Adebayo Afolabi Akiode said... »April 08, 2013


Mike Best said... »April 08, 2013

Gotta think if it was a actual accident wouldnt there be skid marks for the truck..

Daniel Castro said... »April 08, 2013

the red one is for sure a koenigsegg agera r, you can distiguish by the tail light's

Tom Siklosi said... »April 08, 2013

NFS movie, really!! I can't wait!! I've had every game in the franchise and I think a Most Wanted type movie would really be something!!!!

munch said... »April 08, 2013

LIke the Veyron?

N/A said... »April 08, 2013

Probably because it's one of the county's police cars.. (and the back pack coincidentally blocked the police marking)

Anonymous said... »April 08, 2013

What kind of movie are they going to make. A few cop chases to the paul linford theme?

People said... »April 09, 2013

where is blue r34 GT-R?

Oh No Not This Guy! said... »April 09, 2013

Fake or not the Movie will be Great.

Yes said... »April 09, 2013

O rly? I actually thought that they were going to use a real 1 million + dollar supercar in a movie and possibly even wreck it.

JF said... »April 09, 2013

I hope Arron Paul gets Matthew Settle for a role in this film.

Brian Colon said... »April 09, 2013

the yellow one is a GTA Spano.

Brian Colon said... »April 09, 2013

and the red one a Koenigsegg

Peloton25 said... »April 09, 2013

All the cars used in the Redline movie (which probably didn't have near the same budget as this one will) were real. They even destroyed an actual Carrera GT during the taping and then later one of the actors smashed up their Enzo. Here's a picture of the CGT post-filming with the still-intact Enzo behind it. There have been a lot of other examples of movies like these using real cars.

ravenman said... »April 11, 2013

Definitely not a Mendocino County sheriff's car. I took photos of this car getting loaded into the transporter sans lettering and light on facebook yesterday.

Joey Howard said... »April 12, 2013

The yellow one could likely be a Falcon F7.
Body panel seems to match up all though the length doesn't look the same.

Chip Rutland said... »April 12, 2013

Oh yeah!! The Ga filming for the movie is set to start in a week or two. They were showing a street in the film to be used on Macon, Georgia's 13wmaz news. For those who don't beleive you can look up 13wmaz Macon and watch the video.

lauxanh9x said... »April 14, 2013

Good good

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