Woman Hurled Into the Air by her Partner-in-Crime After Trying to Steal Gas

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True, gas prices have gone up in most places around the world in the past few years, but are a few gallons of petrol worth more than the safety and well-being of your partner?

Obviously, for most people the answer to this question would be "no", but when it comes to criminals and possibly harmful individuals, anything goes, as we see in this surveillance video from a gas station at Mt Warren Park in southeast Queensland, Australia.

A woman in a short pink top was filling up a red hatchback when an alert station employee walked towards the car to check out the license plates (bear in mind, in Australia, you fill up first, pay later).

The driver of the car panicked and tried to make a quick getaway ripping the gas hose in the process, which then hit the woman and tossed her up into the air before she crashed onto the ground. On the bright side, he waited for her to get into the car…

According to Australian police, the car was fitted with stolen license plates. The petrol thieves remain at large.