Aston Martin Teases New Model, Can You Guess What It Is?

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The festivities and special models dedicated to Aston Martin's centenary continue with yet another teaser for a new car, bits and parts of which are shown in a video that was released today.

In the clip, we see the outline of a coupe model and a collection of images detailing certain elements of the car such as the hood vents, center stack, and headlamps. To spare you from entering game-mode with the pause button, we did the work for you by attaching the screen shots below.

Take a look at them along with the video and tell us what you think Aston Martin is teasing here.

This new model follows the unveiling of the one-off CC 100 Speedster Concept at the Nürburgring 24 Hours last weekend.

Story References: Automonthly , Thanks to Bruno for the tip!