POV Test Drive of the BMW M3 Lime Rock Park Limited Edition

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It suffices to say, few enthusiasts wouldn’t be content with owning and driving a BMW M3. It’s amazing how much more of a lasting impression it leaves, compared to its more mundane 3-Series siblings.

Now approaching the end of the road, the current incarnation of the M3 has served well and has definitely earned its status as a desirable car, which is why it will make an excellent second-hand buy, especially after deliveries of its successor start – this will push prices down.

Now, all nice cars are entitled to a befittingly good final sendoff version, and while BMW isn’t necessarily selling the M3 Lime Rock Park Edition from that perspective, it will be remembered as one. Winding Road Magazine has made another one of its trademark POV (Point Of View) video drives, this time centered on this strikingly orange car, one of only 200 specifically built for the US market, all of which share the same paint color finish.

However, starting at $70,995 with destination charges included, it’s about $10,000 more expensive than a normal M3 - that’s a bit steep, and perhaps not worth it for some. At least here, you let BMW choose the (only) color, and not choose it yourself and have them mix it up

By Andrei Nedelea