Russian Driver Makes a Run for it After Speeding Past Cop, First on Wheels, Then on Foot…

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Unless you have the eyesight of a hawk or a radar detector, there's not much you can do after a police officer locks you in on his radar. Basically, you have two options; slow down and wait for a cop to pull you over and hand you a pink slip himself, or continue on your way and wait for the ticket to arrive at your home.

For some unexplained reason, the driver and passenger of the dash-cam equipped car who flew by a Russian policeman who clocked them going 180km/h (112mph) on his radar, chose a third option…

What they did is speed on and take a quick exit on a side road continuing in a fast pace until they found a place to park their car. They then jumped out and started running in a field, all while the camera was rolling.

It looks funnier than it sounds, so check it out for yourself in the video that follows the break.