J.D. Power Says Porsche Remains Most Appealing Brand for US Buyers, Audi Comes in 2nd

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Cars have been around for more than a century, and they have been perfected and adapted to meet our needs. Now, in the age when your phone is also a camera, a map and a fashion accessory, you expect to get everything, all the bells and all the whistles, even in a basic city car which more than a decade ago would barely have qualified for air-conditioning or ABS.

This change, brought about by the seemingly exponential burst of new technologies now available at much lower prices, has thankfully been accounted for by industry analysts, in an effort to provide the public with the most accurate studies that they are capable of producing.

405HP Volvo C30 Polestar Takes on the Nürburgring

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Unfortunately for Volvo enthusiasts, the C30 Polestar Concept never made it to production, although a less hardcore version was produced in a limited edition of 250 units in the U.S.

Next-Gen Chevy Spark Due in 2015, Aveo/Sonic in 2016, Says Report

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Having driven the Daewoo and later Chevy Matiz / Spark, it came to me as a real shocker just how different and how much better the current model is. Interesting design and a futuristic interior make it stand out, and Consumer Reports says the all-electric version is the pick of the range, for US buyers.

State Police Trooper Knocks Over a Skater while Performing a Speedy U-Turn

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An officer's job is to protect and serve the public, you say? Well, I guess we'd all like to believe that even when cops use bad judgment.

In a new video named "Unplanned Pregnancy" from the DA INBREDBOYS containing footage of a number of different skateboarders doing their thing on the streets, there's a scene (at the 21:10 minute mark) of state police trooper behind the wheel of the silver-colored Ford Crown Victoria with a blue-top hitting a young man named Tim Crawford standing on the sidewalk.

Spied: New Kia Sedona Replacement in the Making

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The recent re-introduction of the Sedona minivan in Kia's lineup after an absence of a year does not mean that the Korean company has scrapped plans for a modern successor, but only that it will be delayed and we have the photo proof for that in these first scoops of the new model, seen testing at Hyundai's European technical center in Germany.

Jaguar Brings 10 Units of the XKR-S GT to the UK, Prices It at £135,000

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Jaguar announced that it will sell 10 examples of the hardcore XKR-S GT sports car to customers in the UK. Although the British automaker originally planned a limited-run of 30 units for the United States and Canada only, it couldn't ignore requests from the UK and decided to build 10 right-hand drive units as well.

Dubbed “the ultimate road-going XK”, the Jaguar XKR-S GT will be priced at £135,000 ($205,370) on-the-road, with first deliveries to UK customers planned for October 2013.

Check Out This Video Review of Tesla Model S Done Through Google Glass

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The idea of strapping a camera to one’s head may not be such an appealing concept to some, who may want to record certain events from a first-person perspective, and are put off by the cumbersome nature of the equipment. However, now there’s an easier way to do it, and I think it will greatly benefit the practice of car reviewing through video – Google Glass.

2014 Ford F-150 Adds CNG and LPG Option Starting from $7,815

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The 2014 Ford F-150 will offer a gaseous-fuel prep option on the 3.7-liter V6 engine, allowing it to run on compressed natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas.

Ford says the F-150 will be the only CNG/LPG-capable half-ton pickup truck in the market and the eighth vehicle in its range available to run on CNG/LPG. The Blue Oval stated that it expects to sell more than 15,000 CNG/LPG-prepped vehicles this year.

Cut Price, 300HP Entry-Level Porsche 911 Blu Edition Rumored to Debut in Frankfurt

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If you, like us, cringed at the view of a light blue Porsche 911 Cabriolet with a red soft top and body accents, the good news is that we do not know for sure whether they are real or if they have been doctored through Photoshop.

What these images are purportedly showing us is a new limited production version of the 991-series Porsche 911 Convertible dubbed "Blu Edition". The news comes from the Porsche-dedicated forum 911UK, which states that the car was created to celebrate the nameplate's 50th anniversary and will be displayed for the first time at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

Nissan GT-R Driver Pays the Price for his Feistiness

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You know what they say, "With great power comes great responsibility". What this means when it comes to very fast and very powerful sports cars like the Nissan GT-R, is that one should be extremely careful when and where to push the gas pedal to the metal.

Scoop: New Porsche Macan and Macan Turbo Compact SUVs with Minimal Camouflage

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Porsche is moving at least one-step closer to achieving mainstream manufacturer status with the soon-to-be-released Macan compact SUV, which our spies nabbed in Germany in both regular (first two photos in the gallery below) and Turbo trims wearing very little disguise.

Indeed, the only parts of the car hidden from common view are the headlamps, taillights and the rear-quarter side windows, all of which were dressed up with fake decals. While there's no doubt that Porsche's designers used the Cayenne styling formula on the Macan, they applied it in a way that the smaller SUV looks more dynamic with stronger overtones.

Porsche Releases Motivational Video Starring New 911 Turbo

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The Porsche 911 Turbo is undoubtedly the quintessence of the German sports car manufacturer from Stuttgart. It is the best you can get from the famed carmaker and a nameplate that has been around for 40 years now.

Jaguar Reportedly Confirms New SUV Debut for Frankfurt Motor Show

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You'll forgive us for poking some fun at Autoweek's "'Artist's rendering of the new Jaguar XQ SUV" (see it here) with our own sloppy cut-copy-paste of an older Jaguar XJ's face on the new Range Rover, but we couldn't really help ourselves from doing so…

But back to the real reason why we're telling you all this, Autoweek says unnamed sources have confirmed that Jaguar will perform the world premiere of its first ever SUV model at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show this September.

Great Batusi! Designer Dreams Up a Hot Rod for Batman

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For over seven decades, Batman, also known as the Caped Crusader and the Dark Knight, has captured the imagination of comic book readers as well as television and cinema viewers in his quest to bring justice Gotham City and keep the streets clean from evil-doers; sometimes in a very comical, tongue-in-cheek fashion (1966 TV Series), other times in a dark and perhaps tragic manner (Dark Knight).

Toyota Production Figure to Surpass 10-Million Mark in 2013

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While I'm not particularly interested in exactly how many cars are sold by which manufacturer, in an effort to concentrate more on what those cars are actually like, when it comes to Toyota, it’s actually the numbers that matter.

The Japanese manufacturer has perfected the construction of automobiles on the same model as that used to manufacture household appliances, and the latest figure they have to brag about is definitely noteworthy.

Toyota Owner Teaches Jaguar Driver Taking Two Parking Spots a Lesson

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Have you ever been frustrated with a driver who takes up more than one parking spots with his or her car? Sure you have, but usually there's nothing you can do about it other than nag and lose your calm for a few minutes as you look for another place to park your ride. Unless, that is, said driver is a repeat offender and the aforementioned parking lot is under your house or office….

Hot Wheels Elite's Ferrari 458 Italia China Edition is the One You Can Afford

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With a population of 1.344 billion and a rapidly growing economy, China has and will continue to be the next frontier for automakers from across the spectrum. That said, it's no wonder that niche companies like Ferrari go out of their way to please local buyers with special versions of their cars.

Subaru Secures Larger Allocation of BRZ Coupes for UK, Confirms Approved Pro-R Tuning Parts

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Earlier this year, Carscoops learned that on average, Subaru receives only about a tenth of the total production of the Toyota GT-86, Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ coupes, which translates to roughly 100 cars for the UK in the first half of 2013.

Things are set to get a little bit better as Subaru announced on Wednesday that it has secured increased supply of the BRZ for the British market, albeit without releasing any specific numbers.

Alfa Dresses 4C in Italian Flag Colors and Sends It to Superbike Championship

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After showing up at the Goodwood Festival of Speed for its dynamic debut a couple of weeks ago, the Alfa Romeo 4C will be making a second public appearance in the UK this Sunday, August 4, as the as Official Safety Car to the Silverstone round of the FIM World Superbike Championship.

Morgan Launches Limited Series Brooklands Edition for Roadster and Three-Wheeler

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When we look at Morgan as a company in the context of the modern automotive industry, we wonder how they are still around and under family control. However, when we look at the kind of cars they still make today, we understand why that is, and it goes to show that there is still a market for machines made as they used to. Thus, with a minimal infusion of modern tech, Morgan is still selling the same cars it always has, but with better brakes.

Real-Life Griswolds Drive Family Truckster to Disney World

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In the summer of 1983, the cinematic world welcomed Clark Griswold, played by Chevy Chase, who took his family on an adventurous cross-country trip from Chicago to the fictional LA amusement park "Walley World", billed as "America's Favorite Family Fun Park", in their notorious Wagon Queen Family Truckster. That was the classic comedy film and box office hit, "National Lampoon's Vacation".

In the summer of 2013, on the 30th anniversary of the motion picture, the real-life Griswold family packed their belongings in a Wagon Queen Family Truckster replica and headed for an amusement park – not Walley World, but Disney World in Florida.

McLaren and Honda’s F1 Engine Partnership May Extend to Road Cars

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Following their Formula 1 engine supply deal, McLaren and Honda may collaborate on road cars as well, McLaren boss Martin Whitmarsh revealed. Autocar quoted him as saying that the agreement may extend to McLaren’s automotive division too.

Consumer Reports Finds Three-Row Hyundai Santa Fe an "Impressively Fuel-Efficient Bargain"

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Consumer Reports is keen to point out the differences between the Hyundai Santa Fe and the Santa Fe Sport, in their latest review, a quick take on the former. They explain to prospective buyers that while they look about the same, the Sport only comes as a five-seater with four-cylinder power only, whereas the larger non-Sport model gets a usable third row and only comes with a V6.

New Audi RS7 Roars to the States Priced from $104,900* [New Video]

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The exclusively German high-performance sports sedan category in the USA will soon gain a new member as Audi has released pricing information for the RS7 Sportback that arrives this fall starting from $104,900, excluding a destination and delivery fee of $895.

Ford Enters 2014 Dakar with Two V8-Powered Ranger Pickups that Return...2.6 to 8.4 MPG!

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Team Ford Racing has announced it will enter two Ford Ranger pickups in the 2014 Dakar rally-raid that will take place January 5-18 in South America. Built in South Africa by Neil Woolridge Motorsport, the two Ranger racing pickups will be driven by Argentine Lucio Alvarez and South African Chris Visser.

Based on the 4x4 Double Cab version of the Ford Ranger, the Dakar-prepped pickups have full composite bodies and are powered by a 5.0-liter V8 engine developing 349 hp at 4,500 rpm and 560 Nm (413 lb-ft) of torque at 4,100 rpm.

Unhappy with First 2015 Acura NSX Video? Here's a Longer Version

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As it turns out, Acura has been spreading out its NSX videos on the internet. After sharing with you a 7-second long clip of the Japanese sports car revving its hybrid powertrain on Monday, Jalopnik told us about a second and most importantly, longer version of the promo on Instagram.

You can see it for yourself below, but we will mention that it shows a 2015 NSX prototype sprinkled in water going sideways on the track.

What's Coming from Toyota in the Next Three Years; Report Says FR-S Turbo and Cabrio Axed

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The numbers are showing that the automotive sector has emerged from the grip of the recession and reaching pre-2007 levels once again. Automakers reported sales of about 14.5 million vehicles in the States last year, a 13 percent increase from 2011 and the highest annual total since 2007. If the trend continues, we'll be seeing more and newer models entering the market, especially from top brands like Toyota.

This week, Automotive News came out with a report on the Japanese firm's upcoming product line for the North American market, which includes several redesigns over the course of the next two to three years.

Alfa Romeo May First Launch SUV in the Next 18 Months

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Here's another familiar report on Alfa Romeo's product plans, this time from Autocar magazine, which states that an SUV will be released soon, basing their information on insiders and their own unique sources. Still, since it’s Alfa Romeo (again) that they’re talking about now, and we, like most other petrolheads, have a soft-spot for the red cars with the shield-shaped grille, we’ll give it a shot…with a grain of salt.

Sounds Like He Was Telling Her to Brake, She Didn't Listen…

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It's always good to have the story behind an incident, but sometimes, you can figure things out just by paying attention to the facts and the outcome.

While we don't speak the language heard in this video (it does sound a bit like Russian, but all these dash-cam clips may have affected us...so feel free to correct us if we're mistaken), we're pretty sure that the man in the passenger seat was yelling to the woman behind the wheel to hit the brakes.

Cadillac ATS Four-Door Convertible Proposal by NCE

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With Cadillac poised to create a coupe variant out of the new ATS to go after BMW's newly launched 4-Series within the next couple of years, a convertible edition of the same car is surely in the back of the minds of GM's people - to be clear, when we say open top, we mean with two doors.

Chrysler Postpones Press Launch of 2014 Jeep Cherokee as Well

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Back in May, Chrysler told reporters that the all-new 2014 Jeep Cherokee's production launch has been delayed about one month over a number of issues. To be precise, Mark Chernoby, Chrysler’s senior vice president of engineering, told the Free Press at the time that, “Right now, we are at a point where we have dozens of open issues. It is less than 100. But this is kind of the normal nose cone of the launch process.”

Two months later, the Cherokee's problems are far from over and in fact, they were forced to postpone the press launch of the compact SUV scheduled for this Sunday in Seattle where more than 200 journalists and analysts had been invited to drive the car.

Jenson Button Gives the McLaren P1 "Some Beans" Up the Goodwood Hill

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Giving a car “the beans” or “some beans” is definitely something all those who are interested in automobiles like to do when confronted with a new car (or that may just be me).

New Mercedes-Benz E-Class and Toyota Crown to go Wald

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It's been a busy time for the makeover specialists at Wald International who have embarked on plenty of new projects this year, and now we learn that they are preparing goods for two more models, the facelifted Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedan and the fourteenth generation of the Toyota Crown, both of which happened to be presented within weeks of each other in December of 2012.

Large-Scale Merger of Ad Agencies May Lead to Conflicts Between Competing Automakers

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We’ve said time and again that we don’t take kindly to boring car ads, which follow the same predictable model and rarely offer up anything new and genuinely praise-worthy. Well, things are certainly not looking up, because according to a report published by Autonews, two global ad agencies, Publicis Groupe SA and Omnicom Group Inc. have just merged with one another, thus creating the world’s largest advertising holding company, which will work with a very wide array of competing automakers.

She's No Tiger Woods but She Sure Knows How to Use a Golf Club on a Car…

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We've said it once, we'll say it again; if you're going to hurt a woman's feelings, you better prepare yourself for the worse. Our latest episode from the "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" series brings us to the Bronx in New York where a young female with a golf club in her hand unleashed her wrath on a Nissan xTerra.

New Citroen C4 Picasso Minivan On Sale Now in the UK from £17,500 [28 Photos]

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If you're looking for a five-seater minivan with unconventional looks, Citroën is proposing the all-new C4 Picasso that is on sale now in the UK with on-the-road (OTR) prices starting from £17,500 and rising to £24,455.

Mercedes-Benz SL 63 AMG, The…Los Angeles Lakers Edition

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There's no way of knowing for sure whether the owner of this R230 (2008-2012) Mercedes-Benz SL 63 AMG was inspired by the Los Angeles Lakers team colors or if the choice of shades is a pure coincidence, but that was the first thing that came to mind upon seeing the photos of the car rolling down the streets of  Beverly Hills.

Another Video Review of the Renault Zoe Electric Supermini

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Renault is among the few manufacturers who have the capability to put aside sufficient resources to create a ground-up EV (with the help of Nissan), and not merely converting an already existing model. Sure, they’ve done so with the Fluence and Kangoo, but their range of all-electrics does contain two models which were conceived that way from the onset – the Twizy quadricycle and the Clio-sized Zoe.

Ride Like a Queen with Her Majesty's Personal Daimler Limousine that's Up for Auction

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One of the most important and often overlooked aspects of buying a used car is checking out its previous owner or owners, something that is not always easy. In this case, however, it is, as the specially built (Jaguar XJ-based) 2001 Daimler Super V8 LWB was owned by none other than Her Majesty The Queen of Britain. The car will go under the hammer at the Historics at Brooklands auction in Surrey, UK, on Saturday, August 31.

Toyota, Nissan, Honda and Mitsubishi Join Forces to Develop Japan's Charging Infrastructure

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Japan’s four major automakers – Toyota, Nissan, Honda and Mitsubishi – have reached an agreement to work together to promote the installation of chargers for electric-powered vehicles (PHVs, PHEVs, EVs) and build a charging network service in Japan.

New Suzuki iV-4 Concept will Preview a New Compact SUV

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Suzuki will head to 65th IAA Frankfurt Motor Show held from September 10 to 22 with a brand new concept for a compact SUV named the iV-4, which it says, will hint at a future model to be added to its lineup.

"While inheriting certain design features of the Suzuki SUVs, such as the clam-shell shaped bonnet and the front grille divided into five, its overall styling conveys a sense of modernity and innovativeness," said the Japanese brand in a statement without releasing further details on the iV-4.

Reckless Street Races in Hyundai and Mercedes-Benz Just Won't Back Down

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A dash-cam video from…no it's not Russia, nor Ukraine or China, but the city-state of Singapore, showing a pair of dangerous street racers on the Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway is making headlines in the country and elsewhere.

U Spy: Is this a Test Mule for the 2014 Chrysler 100 Compact Hatch?

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For the past year or so, we have been hearing rumors backed up by appearances of prototype models circulating around the U.S. of a new Chrysler compact model named the "100" purportedly designed to go against the Ford Focus hatch and even sedan offerings in the same segment like the Honda Civic.

A similar, if not the same exact, test car based on the Alfa Romeo Giulietta that has been captured in the past by scoop photographers in the U.S. and featured in the likes of Car&Driver and even in a user-submitted video on Autoblog (see below) was nabbed by Carscoops readers Kenji N. and John F. rolling on a street in Los Angeles.

Scientist Who Cracked Codes to Start VW Group's Luxury Cars, Banned from Revealing Them

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A UK judge has banned a British computer scientist from publishing an academic paper revealing secret codes used to start a number of luxury cars from the VW Group on the grounds that it could lead to the theft of millions of vehicles, The Guardian reported.

University of Birmingham’s Flavio Garcia, a lecturer in computer science, cracked the security system by discovering the unique algorithm called Megamos Crypto, which allows the car to verify the identity of the ignition key.

Aston Martin CC100 No Longer a One-Off as Customer Commissions Second Unit

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Built to mark Aston Martin’s centenary, the previously one-off CC100 concept car will have a twin brother, as the UK sports car manufacturer has decided to build another one for an unnamed customer.

The CC100 was initially thought up as a present from Aston Martin to itself in the year it celebrates its 100th anniversary. However, during the build process, Aston Martin decided to sell it, with a collector said to have paid about £500,000 (€580,600) for it.

2015 Acura NSX Prototype Makes its First Sounds in Video

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If next week's Honda Indy 200 (August 4) at Mid-Ohio where Acura will unleash a running prototype of the new generation NSX feels like an eternity away, then you just might appreciate the fact that the Japanese carmaker has published a short video teaser of the car on the track.

This is What a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster Could Look Like in Veneno Concept Clothes

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Since Lamborghini is only making three Venenos for sale to the “general public,” and they have already been spoken-for, few will be able to enjoy its bold (yet not necessarily pretty) look in the metal.

A Mystery Scoop or the Next Suzuki Alto?

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Our spies came across an A-segment (mini) prototype loaded on a transport truck in Southern Europe. We were told that the style and type of camouflage is indicative of Suzuki test cars, and looking at these scoop pictures of the SX4 compact crossover, proves that they do have a point.

Gran Turismo Series Movie Reportedly Already in the Production Phase

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Somehow, this little gem of a news story slipped us by for a few days, but now we've found it and are covering it for your entertainment and information, or whichever of the two is the resulting feeling after having read the entire piece…

Land Rover Mulling RS Versions of Range Rover Sport and Evoque

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Land Rover is reportedly developing high-performance RS versions of the new Range Rover Sport and the Evoque. According to a report from Autocar, the Evoque RS will launch first, possibly by the end of this year, while the Range Rover Sport RS is expected to arrive sometime in 2014.