New Skoda Ad Shows Octavia vRS Rolling Through a Souped-Up Neighborhood

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As it turns out, we don't have to wait until Thursday to see Skoda's new commercial for the Octavia vRS. In fact, as Carscoops reader Jeronimo told us, the ad has been on YouTube since July 12, but somehow escaped our attention.

We found at least two variations of the 60-second commercial that shows the 217hp (220PS) Octavia vRS (or 181hp if you go for the diesel engine) driving through a neighborhood where everything is big and souped-up; from the huge ice cream van to the giant toy trike and mega-man barbecue.

The difference is that in one of the ads, the performance Octavia is driven by a husky coupe while in the other one, there's a single young male sitting behind the wheel.

What Skoda wants to tell you with this ad is that, despite owning impressive and larger-than-life toys, all residents stop what they're doing and pay attention to the new Octavia vRS, which is somewhat ironic if you consider the fact that most people find the car rather inconspicuous…