Wife Throws a Crazy Tantrum in Truck After Husband Won't Take Her to the Lake

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If this video is genuine and not made up, we could have one of the worst ever passengers to travel with in your ride - a 30 year old wife with the tantrum of a spoiled five-year old…

The phone camera clip starts with the young woman (we assume the hissy fit began earlier in order for the man named James to film it) yelling: "You know, I do all my shit to have a Saturday to hang out with my husband and yet all your shit is all we do," to which her remarkably calm husband replies, "All I want to do is get my tires rotated."

The woman, identified as Whitney in the video, continues: "All I want is to go to the lake. Why can't we go on the lake? I mean there's no reason not to be on the lake right now."

"How can we afford it?" says the husband. "Afford it? James that's like petty money compared to what I make!" Whitney replies. From there on, the situation escalates with the wife hissing and kicking like a cat in a bag ...